The Model Creatives Advocating Self-Care for All Through Instagram

We’re currently living through transformative times and uncertainty. Yet, the uneasiness of a never-ending pandemic and solitary confinement has brought about an awakening in self-awareness and finding comfort in the distance. Through social media, many have borne witness to the power of platforms to spread a positive message. Check out a few of these creatives who have found ways to build communities and proclaimed the importance of wellness, nutrition, meditation, and self-care.

Written by Anire Ikomi

Kaia Gerber’s Book Club

In the early days of isolation, model Kaia Gerber found an engaging way to interact with her digital community by starting a virtual book club series. Gerber goes live every week and has brought on model Emrata, her mother Cindy Crawford, and author Kiley Reid to discuss a wide range of books.

Sarah Bahbah of @sarahahbahbah

Sarah Bahbah is the portrait artist from LA who uses her work paired with subtitles to visualize stories that empower women and vulnerability within relationships in an amusing, meme-able way. Bahbah, who has worked with Laura Harrier, Theresa Hayes, and Sonia Amers, uses vibrant imagery to convey personal stories.

Shanina Shaik of Wellness Wednesdays

In the earlier months of lockdown, model Shanina Shaik launched her IGTV #WellnessWendesdays series to spread mental and physical health amongst the masses. Shaik has brought on leaders in the health and wellness industry, such as Mellissa Wood-Tepperberg founder of Melissa Wood Health, journalist and former CNN anchor Isha Sesay, and Lacy Phillips founder of To be Magnetic. In the ongoing series, Shaik has touched on topics such as manifestation, skincare, and balancing work life and personal life.

Koreen Odiney of @werenotreallystrangers

Koreen Odiney the model, photographer, and founder behind the Instagram account @werenotreallytstrangers has found a way to uplift digital communities in a time of isolation. Odiney uses light-hearted prompts and card games to stimulate emotional intelligence and meaningful conversations. The signature red and white cards may have popped up on your Instagram feed as the cards usually lead with phrases like “what have the past few weeks taught you” and in a time of social distancing, Odiney has found ways to connect individuals through these prompts.

Sharina Gutierrez of I Am Sharin Love

Natural path healer, model, and mother are just a few words to describe Sharina Gutierrez‘s new approach to life. During her time in isolation, Gutierrez began an IGTV series I Am Sharin Love that hosts different spiritual authors and life coaches to gain their perspectives of what they’ve learned during this lockdown. Gutierrez also started her blog ‘the riots journey’ where she writes about self-healing and the importance of #sharinthelove.

Gabrielle Richardson of @browngirlbutterflyproject

Model, artist and curator for @arthoecollective, Gabrielle Richardson started @browngirlbutterflyproject after she saw an opportunity to help black women and nonbinary people protesting against police brutality by creating a self-care kit. The kit includes donated skin, hair, and clothing products designed to achieve overall wellness. Richardson’s goal is “to lessen the mental + spiritual + physical and emotional toll” that Black and nonbinary people have experienced in the last weeks.

Bianca Valle

A former beauty editor turned holistic nutritionist Bianca Valle has built a following on Instagram by offering nutrition tips. Valle started a nutrition donation-based hotline because she wanted to help the collective fuel their energy. People can call Valle for insights on how to eat and live healthily or look through her hand-illustrated wellness zine on recipes people can follow.

Valentina Zelyaeva

Model, health coach, and writer, Valentina Zelyaeva started her wellness journey after developing unhealthy eating habits due to modeling. Zelyaeva now shares her passion for holistic living through Instagram, her blog, and writing as a wellness columnist for Elle Russia.

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