The legendary Werner Schreyer shares the stories behind some of his most iconic moments

Werner Schreyer has been making memorable fashion moments since the early 90s. Known for his James Dean-esque expressiveness, the legendary male model’s charismatic and intriguing presence has resulted in a career full of iconic imagery. With such an incredible body of work to choose from, somehow Werner has narrowed down his career highlights into just five images.

Image photographed by Herb Ritts, courtesy Werner Schreyer/Select Models

Levi’s, 1992
Photographed by Herb Ritts.

Best photographer ever. With him, I clicked immediately and this is where my career started.

Image photographed by Juergen Teller, courtesy Werner Schreyer/Select Models

Hugo Men, 1997
Photographed by Juergen Teller.

Many years this was my brand and me theirs. I made movies in that time disrupting Germany and the male fashion industry. The best story came with the slogan with which we came to market. It happened at the PR event where I had to present something to a bigger audience. Without any preparation, I found myself pushed up on stage to talk. I am anyway not a big talker, and so I took the mic, sniffed into it, and said: “You smell, you should use Hugo Boss. Do not imitate, innovate”. Everyone was staring at me at this event, total silence. But that slogan became the campaign, as you can see in the picture. Hugo became an icon and so did I. Indirectly that started to establish male models beside female supermodels. This was my high time and after that long relationship, I had to get disconnected from the brand, took a break, and came back with Vogue 😊 …


Image photographed by Mario Testino, courtesy Werner Schreyer/Select Models

Vogue Paris, April 2003
Photographed by Mario Testino.

And… as far as I know, there has been no other male model yet on the cover of Paris Vogue. This was my comeback on the market and I think the cover with Natalia is a classic. What you don’t see on that cover though are the great pictures Mario Testino was shooting for the story inside!


Image photographed by ?, courtesy Werner Schreyer/Select Models

Givenchy ‘Blue Label’, 2004
Photographed by ?.

Givenchy was rebuilding their brand and I am used to be always being the beginner in those campaigns and then the others follow. Givenchy and I had kind of a rebirth at the same time. They as a fashion and cosmetic brand and myself as independent from Hugo.


Image photographed by Alisdair McLellan, courtesy Werner Schreyer/Select Models

Louis Vuitton Men, 2011
Photographed by Alasdair McLellan.

Louis Vuitton with Kim Jones. Kim is just an amazing designer. Attention to details that matter and the best quality in material. LVMH had the right choice for this amazing summer and winter collection. Nothing is more exclusive than LV – not only in best cuts but the best material. These two campaigns I did with that team were some of my best campaigns ever in my model career.

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