AMY G: Nonchalant Cool


Amy Greenhough. Polaroids courtesy of One Mgmt
Fashion loves a long lean girl with a cool and nonchalant attitude. It loves it on a glossy page and on a directional runway and One has Amy G beautifully positioned this season to capture the coolest of those cool bookings.

  1. Omg shes so freakin adorable haha I just wanna cuddle with her

  2. Yes indeed. She looks like the second coming of Meghan C., but I also see a smidge of Miss Karli Kloss too. Knock ’em dead Amy!!!!

  3. this girl is beautiful!!! such a sharp angled face!!Great for beauty and mostly high fashion!!! I would want to see her with hair back also to see that special face!!!

  4. Nice! And she does not look like Meghan C, same type but very different.

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