Reference Library #2

Last Year At Marienbad / DVD cover courtesy Fox-Lorber
Antonioni is a fashion god but maybe it’s time to move on from the “yet another tortured but chic housewife wandering the industrial wasteland” layouts that photographers tend to fall back on. The solution? Why not get into the lush visuals of French filmaker Alain Resnais whose brilliant 60’s work is finally surfacing on DVD. The key must-have? The legendary 1961 film “Last Year At Marienbad ” starring Giorgio Albertazzi as an impeccably dressed stranger trying to convince an even more impeccable Delphine Seyrig that they were past lovers. And if Delphine looks particulary “coutured-out”, maybe it’s because all the costumes were designed by Chanel. Coco Chanel that is. Quick sketch artists, on your marks!

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