Meet the Self Service Beauty Queen That Should Be On Your Radar

Photo by David Sims

New face Florence Hutchings is on the brink of a transformative breakthrough. The university student may not have an extensive model portfolio (yet, although we’re sure it’s getting there) but quality triumphs over quantity every time and a solo Self Service cover and exclusive spots walking for Louis Vuitton and Gucci certainly certifies a well-deserved spotlight. But who exactly is this transfixing mystery girl and what does she think of all this new acclaim? Sparked by Self Service’s celebration on hitting 25 years, we spoke with the 22-year-old student and David Sims muse about her budding career, love for all things performative and serving beauty looks that are far from shy.

Was your discovery as a model by happenstance? What were you doing before you were scouted?
I’m at university studying performance design and practise, so before modelling that’s what I’ve been up to. I have always modelled for my friends/people I’ve met at uni and been involved in it that way. It’s an art uni and a lot of friends make clothes or are image-makers. I’ve enjoyed modeling for them and being part of an organic process alongside creating my own images.

Your Instagram is full of bold beauty looks – what normally inspires you as far as beauty? Were you always into makeup as a form of expression?
Yes since I have been young, make-up has been something that has drawn me in, from looking up to pictures of my mum and aunties from the 80s, to reading Sandy Linters ‘Disco Beauty’ and needing to recreate it, I have been fixed. I think make-up is an interesting art form to me because it plays with the immediacy of character and performance but you can take it in any direction, so finding myself through it has been something I have always enjoyed.

How was working with fellow Brit David Sims for the first time? What’s your favorite part of the process?
To work with David has been incredible actually. His images always tell a story and it has been really interesting to be a part of bringing that to life. Plus there’s always good music on while shooting :)

What’s something that you wish you would have known about the fashion industry before you started?
Blister plasters!

You had your first official runway season this past winter – biggest takeaway?
How refreshing it is to go to new places and meet new people.

What is the best kind of photographer to work with?
Someone fun, engaging and respectful :)

What’s the one beauty rule you wish would die?
There are rules to beauty? Any rules should die :p

Outside of work, how do you unwind on your downtime?
Chill with my grandma and roller skating in Viccy Park.

What’s your biggest motivation?
To keep moving

What is your ultimate goal for yourself?
I’d like to have a large pack of rescue dogs.

Florence’s Instagram is @_floeee. Visit her profile and click or tap the heart icon to favorite Florence and keep track of her work.

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