Chanel, champagne, feet: The oh là là POV of top models from the last 24 hours of Paris Fashion Week

Fashion is serious business. That said, it most often, certainly, is not, in equal amounts. Knowing this we equipped an elite team of fashion’s most favored faces with some film and let them loose at liberty to do what they will. Models like Kaia Gerber, Adesuwa Aighewi, Julia Nobis, Mica Argañaraz privileged us to their first-person POV. That means walking a mile in their shoes, Chanel heels actually, for late Karl Lagerfeld’s sendoff show, the oh là là of Paris, the fascinating minor details of living a charmed life most will never know! Ok, we exaggerate; it’s mostly toothy grins from the world’s most wanted muses just wrapping up their four-city fashion tour like it’s nobodies business. Except ours, in this case.

Top image: Hyun Ji Shin, Marjan & Giselle Norman, Photo – Adesuwa

Fran before rehearsal, Photo – Kaia

“Waiting for my Uber to Givenchy”, Photos – Julia

“Ask about her finsta” (Ratner), Photo – Adesuwa

“Not mine”, Photo – Kaia

“The ying yang twins” (Binx & Lexi), Photo – Adesuwa

Adut, Photo – Kaia

“Flowers at home”, Photo – Mica

Anna Banana”, Photo – Adesuwa

Wells, Photo – Kaia

“Nora Nora Nora“, Photo – Adesuwa

“Feet with band-aids”, Photo – Mica

“This one. I dunno who she is but she keeps showing up everywhere lollol” (Mona Tougaard), Photo – Adesuwa

;-), Photo – Kaia

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