One of Paris Fashion Week’s coolest shows happened all on your phone

As a spectator, show after show it can be difficult to appreciate the efforts that go into producing the single event that is the catwalk––let alone have your show stand out if you are one of the designers with a brand name that doesn’t famously echo in the hallowed halls of fashion. At the same time, that can mean hard-to-come-by freedom and with the right vision can turn into, for example, what Yang Li did for the ambitious showing of his A/W 19 collection. There was no show per se, instead, 27 models (casted by Noah Shelley) began simultaneously posting selfies on Instagram yesterday from 10 different cities garbed in various pieces of Li’s, all combined it was the whole of the collection. “Automatic Show” was an ingenious selfie salvo that relied completely on the participation of its models, like Ali Michael, Gaia Orgeas, Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth, Rossy de Palma, Irina Shnitman, Sasha Melnychuk, Ellie Grace Cumming and more. Of course skirting convention runs the risk of going all but unnoticed; that didn’t happen. See some of the handheld show below.

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