Meet Oceana, Bottega Veneta’s mystery campaign model seen sitting front row

Sometimes a model seemingly comes out of the blue, thrust into a high-profile luxury campaign by the powers-at-be one day, then the next front row at that same Italian brand’s show, donning darling-status. Ahem, referring to Bottega Veneta, Daniel Lee’s Bottega to be exact, the creative director who recently took up the house’s helm. Lee had the internet both abuzz and swooning over his Tyrone Lebon-shot debut campaign photographed on the island of Ischia. Part of that collective allure, besides the sumptuousness of it all, was the bare-faced and bare-bodied mystery model with a masterpiece of a face. She was only credited simply as: Oceana. Knowing when there is thunder there is lightning, so to speak, she was likely to appear again in Lee’s fold––and she did, in Milan, runway-side seated next to Lebon. “Currently, I’m drinking some tea while writing this. It’s raining pretty hard today, otherwise, I’d be outside enjoying the LA sunshine,” wrote Ocean in an e-mail to us days before, “Later, I have to buy a new suitcase and get some other last minute things before my trip.” We wanted to know all there was to know before her fashionable foray.

Fact check Oceana:
I was born and raised in Santa Monica, California where I currently live. My name is pronounced oh see aw nuh; my French mother made it up. In my free time, I enjoy skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding. I’m also a ski and snowboard trainer. I’m really into buying beauty and skincare products, all natural simple clean brands, I like trying new stuff as long as it’s pure and high quality. I’ve been modeling for a couple years and have taken a few breaks here and there to focus on myself. I’m actually quite a shy person so I’ve been taking it slow. But modeling is one of my true passions and I love every aspect of it. My happy place is definitely behind a camera. I submitted a couple of headshots for the Bottega Veneta campaign but never expected I would get it. The photographer, Tyrone Lebon, is a good friend of mine and I had worked with him a few times a couple years back. He contacted me about the shoot and I was thrilled from the beginning! When I actually was confirmed for the job I was elated.

How was the whole experience of the shooting the campaign?
Everything was absolutely perfect (even though it was super windy and cold on the days I shot) But It was truly like a dream come true, the location was absolutely beautiful and surreal. I could not have hoped or imagined anything better. I’m so proud and excited to represent the brand. I loved wearing their clothes, the leather trench coats look and feel amazing, the textures and colors of the leather bags are so stunning, the craftsmanship of the leather weaving is incredible and the shoes… I mean I was wearing the pumps walking around on the rocks! So comfortable for high heels. Overall it was an amazing experience that I’ll cherish and remember forever.

Positive feedback?
Tyrone is such an amazing person. Just a genuinely good-hearted human and just has the most awesome, calm and positive vibe. I felt very comfortable working with him and I’m so eternally grateful for knowing him and also for presenting me with such an amazing opportunity. Tyrone has a really great eye for creating a visually memorable moment… he’s truly amazing at what he does. Going to Ischia, Italy to this remote, beautiful tiny jewel of an island was truly incredible. The villa was absolutely beautiful, with views of the ocean as far as the eye can see. The whole crew treated me with such kindness, they were each so sweet and so caring. Super thoughtful, respectful and fun. Each and every one of them, they are the nicest group of people you’d ever hope to work with. Tyrone, Edward, Daniel, William, Anita, Marion, Marie, Hiromi, and Cyndia––shout out to those guys, they’re the absolute best! I have so much love and appreciation for all of them.

Should we expect more of Oceana? What’s on your to-do list?
I’ve received a lot of positive responses which I’m very grateful for… so I’m going to take some deep breaths and get myself ready for what comes next. I’m currently a free agent but am looking forward to any other avenues that may be presented to me. A lot of agencies have contacted me so I’m figuring all of that out as I prepare for my trip to Milan on Saturday. Yes, I’m heading back to Italy! I can’t wait for whatever comes next, I’m just taking things day by day but really looking forward to what’s to come. Expect more of Oceana in the near future!

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