Lily Blooms, Anna Flowers

Lily Collins/NextPolaroids by Stephen Lee at Next NY

There’s an electric buzz in the air right this minute building around the doll-like beauty of Lily Collins and this delicate English girl is being fast-tracked into some of your more blue-chip fashion bibles. Given that Dad is legendary musician Phil Collins, a degree of media attention was to be expected, but that innocent face is selling to the clients right this second.

Anna Mikhaylik/Next Image courtesy of Next NY

It’s quite a new model moment for Next this summer as this Russian newcomer Anna Mikhaylik also caught OTM’s eye as a fetching member of that formidable army marching out Next’s New Faces division. It should be a very fun show season over in that camp. Stay tuned.

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  1. She’s an English girl?! She does honor for Great Britain. I am from Czech Republic so I never seen so beautiful girl ; )