1. i like her hair…super hot right now and she totally reminds me of aggy

  2. hmm…she looks a LOT like Agness Deyn. Short platinum hair and innocent unjaded eyes, Agness is Scottish, this gal is Irish. Interesting.

  3. besides the platnium hair, she doesn’t look like Aggy.
    compare their features, they differ very much.
    i love her look, so young and refreshing!

  4. Well you can’t go wrong with an Irish model, I think the Irish must be the most beautiful people on earth.

  5. I totally agree with hill she doesn’t look like Agness PLEASE but she has her own personality “strong & fragile” at the same time … what a STELLA!

  6. I had a chance to work with her, she is obviously gorgeous, most of all she has an amazing personality, deep intellect & an awesome sense of humor + she posses that natural style & grace that could propel her to stardom

  7. “Agness is Scottish, this gal is Irish. Interesting”

    Where does she say she’s Irish? She may be from Belfast [which is Northern Ireland anyway therefore you’re entitled to have Irish & British passports] But in the interview she clearly states her ethnicity as “British” not Irish.

  8. ha! lucy.. just because theyre from similar areas doesnt mean shes trying to be like aggy! the girl cant help if shes from a similar place!! jeez

  9. To be honest, aside from the platinum hair, she doesn’t have hold any resemblance to Agyness, in my opinion. However! I feel like her features are actually rather similar to Ranya Mordanova’s.

  10. i agree! her lips are incredible…dont get me started on her legs!!!
    amazing girl!