This Model is Only the Second Black Model to Open Prada

Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

In the era of exclusives, casting directors have the power to change the trajectory of a budding model’s career. Such is the story of new Prada darling Anok Yai who was selected by Miuccia Prada and Ashley Brokaw to open the show last night. A viral Instagram post on a visit to Howard University’s homecoming catapulted the college student into high fashion stardom as she joins history as only the second black model to open the famed brand’s runway since Naomi Campbell in the 90s. Such a momentous milestone seems sullied when armed with the question “Why did it take so long?”, yet hopefully the positive swing towards inclusiveness and Prada’s dominating influence impacts Milan’s trailing diversification.

  1. One of my favorite new faces, I think she is the sensation of the season.

  2. It is actually quite sad that in 2018 we still have to be impressed that a beautiful black girl opens a prada show…. pathetic actually!!
    The girl is beyond beautiful and hope she will be a fixture at prada and many other brands a like.

    #blackexcellence / #wakandabeauty #openyourmind

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