An exclusive look at Feng Chen Wang’s Fall 2018 casting

Feng Chen Wang with Max Barczak. Photography by Daniel Hamaj for

The Chinese designer Feng Chen Wang was many thousands of miles away from her hometown of Fujian on Monday as she worked through fittings for her Fall 2018 show in a basement studio in New York, but that didn’t stop her from thinking about home, which was the inspiration for her latest collection. “It’s about the idea of comfort,” she explained, gesturing to the cozy-looking puffer jackets and the stuffed, oversized keys and landline phones that made for eye-catching accessories. Working with the casting director Arianna Pradarelli the day before her latest show, Feng emphasized that she wanted a “diverse, wide range of faces,” in keeping with this season’s increasing racial variety on the runways. Industry favorites like Piero Mendez, Max Barczak, Oscar Kindelan, Willow Barrett, and Dylan Fender were mixed in with rising stars from Kohei Takabatake, Oumar Diouf, and Benjamin Lessore for a young, fresh energy in the cast that embodied Feng’s vision of a new generation striking out and making a home for itself in a confusing world.

Anders Solvsten Thomsen with Oscar Kindelan

Willow Barrett

Sakua Kambong

Kohei Takabatake

Piero Mendez

Oumar Diouf

Laurens Pouchele

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