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Julie / FM Agency

Name: Julie Dumont Agency: FM Agency Age: 19 Height: 5'10" Place of Origin: London, England. Ethnic Origin: 1/2 North Irish, 1/2 French, but raised in England. Birthsign: Leo. How discovered: Spotted by a photographer when I was in a charity shop in Leicester, who recommended me to go see agencies in London. FM Agency took me on, changed my look and things rapidly catapulted from there. Favorite things: Anything involving Ricky Gervais and sunshine. Favorite music, band: At the minute...Dizzee Rascal, Babyshambles, The Smiths, The Horrors. Hobbies: Gigs. Finding hidden places in London where I can daydream with my man. Watching "The Wire." Red Wine. Favorite foods: Anything mediterranian. Lindt orange chocolate. Favorite animal: Tiny cats or 100 year old turtles. Movie you want to see next: The new Gervais comedy, forgot what it's called, but it's out later this year. Currently you're obsessed with/about: New York. I have to be because I'm currently trying to find my way around it. I'll never complain about London transport again.

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