Modoll by Santiago and Mauricio

Posted by | September 22nd, 2015

Santiago and Mauricio present

Fashion’s most recognizable pout has been made everlasting, but not through the confining, bygone two dimensions of an image. Photographers Santiago & Mauricio, no strangers to visual experimentation, set out to take Lindsey Wixson’s iconic features into the future–those bee stung lips, the gapped teeth, the otherworldly, wide-set eyes and her porcelain complexion–uniquely rendering them into a limited edition 3D printed doll. The results would be a year in the making, working with Lindsey herself, The Society, and Fauxograph, a 3D technologies studio, to bring to fruition the miniature sized supermodel–dubbed appropriately “Modoll”. The final realization was an attenuated figure befitting the best, plus the hallmarks of Lindsey’s coveted genes, all standing a mere 20 inches. Now it just needed a little dolling up, and for that the duo enlisted hair stylist and wigmaker Thanos Samaras and makeup artist Ralp Siciliano to tailor-make the masterfully to scale beauty look. AY Collective then refashioned looks from Gucci, Prada, Chanel and Saint Laurent selected by stylist Charlotte Stockdale for the dolls toy sized stature to make their creation fully photoshoot ready. See the process from start to finish below and follow what’s next for the the Modoll Project at
Created by Santiago & Mauricio
Realisation Chaos Fashion
Styling Charlotte Stockdale (Camilla Lowther Management)

Model Lindsey Wixson

Producer Cesar Leon
Associate Producer Miguel Batel
Project Manager Vida Rajphangthong at The Society Management

Wardrobe Esther Matilla
Makeup Georgi Sandev (Streeters New York) on Lindsey Wixson
Hair Kayla MiChele (Streeters New York) on Lindsey Wixson

MODOLL MAKE-UP by Ralph Siciliano
MODOLL HAIR by Thanos Samaras
MODOLL 3D Printed by Fauxograph, New York

Music & Sound Design Raph Parpex
Set Design & Props Mila Taylor-Young

3D Modeling Franco Barroeta
Cinematographer Matthew Schroeder
Gaffer John Busch
BB Electric Jake Kump
Key Grip Sam Kretschmer
Grip Adhat Campos
Photography Assistant Myro Wulff

Wardrobe Assistant Karly Grawin
Production Assistants Zoe Yau & Gonzalo Ramos

Special thanks to Red Hook Labs, Christopher Michael, & The Society Management

Find out more about Modoll at

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26 Comments to “Modoll by Santiago and Mauricio”

  1. Sam says:

    Lindsey Wixson is instantly recognizable

  2. Tiina says:

    This doll is very pretty pretty. But Russian Popovy Sisters have done this already. Instead of 3D printing they have sculpted the doll themselves and the final product is made of resin.
    Google: Popovy Sisters Cuckoo.

  3. Lara says:

    This doll reminds me SO much of Popovy Cuckoo (a ball jointed doll). Both the body and the face just look so similar 😮
    Those are two examples of Popovy Cuckoo. Idk, it could just be me but this doll just looks similar.
    But it is a really beautiful doll ^^

  4. Rena says:

    Inventing a bicycle again? Just kidding.. But that doll does look ALOT like Popovy dolls. I mean… really. Abit too much… ??

  5. Denis says:

    What a shameful copy off Popovy dolls!!! Unbelievable. However it looks like overall quality is much worse, and can not be compared to Popovy

  6. Stefy says:

    Well, I’m a fan of Popovy dolls and i find that these dolls are very similar also in the details…….:-(

  7. Bethann says:

    These dolls do look a bit too much like the Popovy Cuckoo doll. It would have been nice to create a completely original doll for this project.

  8. muchsel says:

    such a popovy doll rip off. it’s something to get inspired by those dolls, but to produce them 1:1 is embarrassing, i hope they see this!

  9. Jane says:

    I agree with some of the previous comments. The similarities are such that I can’t help but feel that this doll was heavily inspired by the Popovy Sisters “Cuckoo” ball-jointed doll.

  10. Mayple says:

    I heard of this project and was greatly anticipating it’s unveiling – I was already aware of the Popovy Sisters artworks created from before 2012, and I was excited to see another Lindsey Wixson inspired doll…. how utterly disappointing to see such a blatant and overt theft of the body design, unabashedly ripped off from the original body shape and design of the hard work of the Popovy Sisters. Not even the face, but the body and jointing design…. I believe that is copyright and intellectual property infringement, no?
    So sad such a big fashion project cruelly steals from a pair of hard working artists who created a beautiful and original artwork several years ago, Of course they do not have the press and contacts to get their word out like Lindsey has, but I hope and everyone supporting this terrible theft “project” realises just what it is soon!

    Support real hard working and original artists – you know only get the unique imagination that created this idea initially, but their expert craftmanship and undeniable talent…. there is no comparing these two dolls at all. One is a masterpiece, and the second is sadly… just a blatant copy.

    Sadded by this whole thing…. the MODOLL project had so much potential… why couldn’t they come up with something original??

  11. Lytvyn says:

    Ball jointed dolls have always been made in a similar style. Of course the Popovy or the Enchanted dolls as well as many other doll artists have done amazing creations, and it is undeniable that their work has been an inspiration and has been referenced for this and other projects.

    What I believe is important is how this fashion editorial has pushed many other aspects forward and it is exciting to see how it will continue to evolve.

    Nevertheless it is a beautiful doll but more so a visually striking project overall.

  12. Eiko says:

    Looking at this project, it’s quite obvious that Modoll copied the Cuckoo doll made by the Popovy Sisters. The face, the elongated limbs, the long neck and the curved feet are all very similar to the Popovy Sisters’ work. Too similar to be a mere coincidence. You claim to have 3D-scanned Lindsey’s face. Yet except for the mouth, the face looks nothing like Lindsey.

    It’s very disappointing to see Modoll shamelessly copy another artist’s hard work and try to pass it off as their own design.

  13. Adrian says:

    I just LOOOOVE he idea of having models be made into dolls..I already owned a Doll made to resemble Lindsey Wixson, and this version of her and her wardrobe are fascinating….

  14. Michelle L. says:

    This is so cool, It’s amazing what you can do with 3D printing! I wish I could have a doll of myself!

  15. Kattie) says:

    This is Popovy doll, you are a fool when you do not see the same thing! It’s not fair,please you see true doll !

  16. Ol says:

    “Ball jointed dolls have always been made in a similar style.”(c) Yes. But not THAT similar! This is a theft, not a unique project.

  17. Phil says:

    I love the fact that they actually worked with the model Lindsey herself which makes this doll project unique.

  18. Jane says:

    Yes, it is nice that they worked with Lindsey. The very curious thing however, is how they managed to scan Lindsey’s body and yet produce a doll that has the exact proportions of not Lindsey, but instead, a Popovy doll! Hmm…wonder how that happened?

  19. Oi says:

    It’s just a copy of Popovy Sisters doll. I don’t even think you’ve worked with the model Wixson either, it looks as a 3d scan of a doll itself… Just look at the photo comparisons here:

  20. Ash says:

    Blatant theft from the Popovy Sisters, this company should be absolutely ashamed.

  21. Cate says:

    The people behind this little project should be ashamed of themselves. Such a blatant rip-off, limb for limb, of the doll created by the Russian dollmakers the Popovy Sisters five years prior. It seems, this is a typical example of the fashion industry colonialist and racist attitude, when a western team arrogantly steals ideas and technical concepts from a non-western artist, thinking the public is too ignorant to notice Judging by a simple side-by-side comparison, all the “creators” pf the new doll did was scan the Popovy doll on a 3D scanner and reprinted a poor man’s version of it: Disgusting.

  22. Kimberly says:

    This project has nothing of its own: name – stolen from company making minimee BJD heads (has shop on Etsy), doll – pretty bad copy of Popovy Doll – they even copied feet. So, they claim they 3D scanned Lindsey, really? was she hanging in the air with her toes pointed ballet style? Maybe they 3d scanned Cuckoo?! Joints and body style are too alike., please consider everything said above by most part of the users, as this article advertises intellectual property theft.

  23. Joe Vlinder says:

    Modoll has stolen the design for the doll from two Russian artists, the Popovy Sisters.

  24. Vasya says:

    It is unfortunate that the authors name MoDoll one author, and plagiarism made dolls of other authors – sisters Popovy. Why do they have positioned this as the exclusive crafts and original – I do not understand.

  25. Jane says:

    It’s nice to see that Lindsey Wixon, having now been made aware of this situation, has expressed her apologies and sadness at this blatant copy and has divorced herself from the project. Well done Lindsey!!