Vogue Japan September 2014 by Luigi & Iango

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Vogue Japan September 2014 by Luigi & Iango

September’s Vogue Japan is one of the magazine’s most epic issues to date and serves as poignant tribute to beauty. Luigi & Iango take on their biggest project to date shooting several of the world’s premier models as only they can. With a perspective that illuminates the character and beauty of each subject, the duo capture supermodels past and present for a landmark portfolio that is simply stunning. Each member of the all-star cast adds a layer of excitement to the tale; whether it’s the triumph of seeing Claudia, Stephanie, Linda, Nadja and Naomi reunited on the cover or the welcome return of favorites like Maggie Rizer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Inside the next generation of stars from Tao Okamoto and Saskia de Brauw, to Juila Nobis shine in dynamic portraits that practically leap off the page. Models aside, the finest in design is also front and center – exclusive trips through the archives of Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto and Sarah Burton’s latest collection for Alexander McQueen provide a thrilling touch of drama. The museum-worthy pieces captured here by Luigi & Iango come alive in each image giving the viewer a taste of the majesty of fashion and making for a bold visual treat that only gets better with each page.



Carolyn Murphy
(Top) wearing Junya Watanabe
(Bottom) wearing Givenchy



Eva Herzigova
(Top) wearing dress by Alexander McQueen
(Bottom) wearing Max Mara

Maggie Rizer wearing dress by Chanel & coat by Houghton


Tao Okamoto
(Top) wearing Yohji Yamamoto
(Bottom) wearing Comme des Garçons


Karen Elson
(Top) wearing Fendi & Marni
(Bottom) wearing Prada


Malgosia Bela
(Top) wearing Rick Owens
(Bottom) wearing Undercover


Nadja Auermann
(Top) wearing Melitta Baumeister
(Bottom) wearing The Row


Nadja Auermann & Claudia Schiffer
(Top) wearing Simone Rocha
(Bottom) wearing Jacquemus


Naomi Campbell
(Top) wearing Vivienne Westwood
(Bottom) wearing Alaia


Saskia de Brauw
(Top) wearing Chanel
(Bottom) wearing Sacai



Stephanie Seymour
(Top) wearing Giorgio Armani
(Middle) wearing Stella McCartney
(Bottom) wearing Prada

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34 Comments to “Vogue Japan September 2014 by Luigi & Iango”

  1. DEL says:


  2. KC says:

    OH MY GOOOOD!!! Supermodel revival at its best, this is like a late class reunion! the cover is so powerful, so majestic, yet so simple! it screams “beware bit***es, take a bow, here come the queens!” for me the Germans rule! so nice and surprising to see Nadja amongst her supermodel friends again, she seems the only one who really got out of the business yet she was one of the 90s leaders! PERFECTION!

  3. Britney says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWWWW! I seriously can’t handle all this at once. I’ve been having a very uninspiring feeling as of late and the shooting of this casting has really made me dream. Superb photography and every model is bringing ti to the fullest. BRAVO TO THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION!!!!

  4. Kimberland says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. A lot of iconic photos here. La Linda’s shots literally gave me goosebumps! The woman is incredible! Seeing Nadja work like that again makes me wonder why she’s been absent from the scene for so long. And the shots she shares with Claudia are amazing! Mariacarla’s photo is beyond beautiful. I could go on and on…!! Thank you Vogue Japan! Thank you, fashion gods!

  5. Prudence says:

    HOWEVER!! I am appalled at the fact that only Naomi was chosen to represent the black models. Liya Kebede was in that Mariacarl/Malgosia/ Maggie Rizer era and was hugely successful so most definitely should have been included.

  6. eeeduardo says:

    would love Christy Turlington ,Kristen McMenamy, Tyra Banks, Irina Pantaeva to be in this too

  7. formerbooker says:

    Well yes it is shame only Naomi represents the dark skinned beauty from that era, but lets hope/maybe Liya was not available for this…these successful ladies have busy schedules you know. But on the other hand it is Japanes Vogue….

    I wished to also have seen in this spread Christy T, 90s Vogue Cover darling Cindy Crawford, Tatiana Patitz, or even Shalom Harlow… but again, conflicting schedules could be the reason why they are absent.

    Totally out of context, but can someone bring back Yasmeen Ghaury and Beverly Peele back for a wonderful fashion spread…..Your welcome ;-))

  8. AVAVAVAVA says:

    Tyra will never belong to this group! Anyhow great ideas. Thank you Avedon… Thank you 90s Versace! And Grace Coddington does amazing styling in here!And thank you Virginia Young for your great styling in here! Prudence I agree with you! Nadja, so happy to see her back in business! And whoever said the Germans rule, indeed they do !
    I miss Christy, Tatjana, Cindy, Kate Moss, Natalia Vodianova, Daria Werbowy in here … Why so much retouch? Natasha Poly and Eva…. its like Joan Rivers Surgeon performed plastic on them on the cover..Why? All and all great editorial, grateful models are back on the covers!!

  9. B says:

    This is all kinds of awesome!!! Dying here. Too bad Kate is missing but oh well, can’t have it all I guess. Anyway I thought Schiffer was Aline Weber!

  10. NELOHAGEN says:


  11. Annabella says:

    Where is Christy Turlington??????

  12. K says:

    It’s obvious that this photography team adores Claudia and Nadja. They produced some unforgettable images with the two of them. I don’t recall ever seeing them together before. And the fact that they are both German models makes it all the more special. Each of Linda’s photos could easily be a commanding advertisement. Who are these photographers? They are surprisingly good at what they do but I’m a little confused. Weren’t they called Daniele +Iango before? Are they all photographers or is Luigi the make-up guru, too?

  13. Vaho says:


    Would have been great to have Christy Turlington, Helena Christensen, Kristen McMenamy, Tatjana Patitz, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta… And Of course Kate Moss but I guess organising that shoot would take centuries:-) from new generation Natalia Vodianova and Daria Werbowy are missing for me.

    Again amazing editorials…

  14. Vaho says:

    P.S. + Cindy of course!

  15. Gustavo says:

    OMG gimme Nadja every day!!!!!!!!!! She is perfection!!!!

  16. Tim says:

    Brilliant… the entire shoot…everyone did a tremendous job.

    These women aren’t iconic for no reason, they’re simply remarkable at what they do.

    My own personal favorite in this story is Carolyn Murphy, she just continues to get better and more beautiful…astounding.

    This issue of Japanese Vogue is quite special.

  17. Ramón says:

    Magnificent meeting, great selection of faces, Linda, Maggie, Nadja!! Guinevere, Claudia, is difficult to do good casting with many iconic top of all times. faces missing but would have to do10 covers and that is impossible.

  18. ReallyNow says:

    It’s the 15th anniversary of Vogue Japan. Tao Okamato was really the only Japanese model they could’ve picked to feature on the cover? Speaks volume.

  19. sipsik says:

    This is just beyond words and my wildest imagination!!!
    NADJA!!! My love!!! I have missed You sooo much and sooo glad to see You in this epic editorial. You look incredible!
    Linda, Carolyn, Eva, Claudia, Stephanie, Guinivere (woow), Maggie (yesss!!!)….. girls just made my day. I have truly the tears of happinies in my eyes now!!! THANK YOU!!
    P.S. someone, please bring back Yasmeen Ghauri into spotlight!!

  20. diaboliqueguan says:

    OH MY FXXXXING GOD. this is going to kill the other Vogues for being stupid and trashy which keep using useless reality stars. esp US vogue.

  21. I wanted more Mariacarla, but all of them look amazing.

  22. maar says:

    i’m sorry but naomi is the weakest link in here, she looks like a catalogue mom as oppose a high fashion model, the others are great, the poses, the expressions… 🙁 wtf?!

  23. Marcus says:

    wow, extraordinary pictures!

  24. PAULO GÓIS says:


  25. luana says:

    wheres Gisele Bundchen on the cover? she is a Incone fashion fashion world, the highest paid in the last 11 years is a reference as to the style of clothing, as a human, super mom, the greatest supermodel of the 2000s model in mid 2014 no model set a new record! gisele Übermodel always!

  26. KEVIN CHAU says:

    YES YES YES! This – the casting & the 3 supermodels sets of different generations define VOGUE. Shame on other Vogues this year. Starting from this September, Japan Vogue is the VOGUE. Oh not to forget, Natasha + Mariacarla is the Supers of Millennium – beyond everything!

  27. RL says:

    I am simply in awe of Linda Evangelista in this issue!!! Incredible!!!

  28. Jesse says:

    OMG! Linda and Nadja look AMAZING!!! I am just salivating to get this issue!!

  29. K says:

    why these “old” model never get old?

  30. trumancapote says:

    when you see those women moving you understand why they are legends !

  31. WHOA – this is a monochromatic story presented at its BEST! Wake me up when August ends! <3
    One issue that I still have with Vogue Nippon though, I wish Anna Dello Russo would highlight more Asian girls that are power players in the business. Where goes Liu Wen, Du Juan, FeiFei Sun, Devon Aoki?! These girls are booking some of the biggest jobs in the market and they most certainly have a voice…

    Having Tao as a token Asian doesn't move Vogue Nippon forward… Stylistically, Vogue Nippon is a standout from the Vogue sisters. However, in terms of representation, it's quite flawed… Perhaps something to think about…?!

  32. Gin says:

    Pure arts. These works belong to LACMA.

  33. Janssens Serge ""Janser47"" says:

    I know that the digital technology in permi to free the artistic domain of certain photographers. But to arrive at such a level of quality and originality is really remarkable. Bravo