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01_Kirsten’s ICONS: Kirsten Owen

If any model defined the ’90s scene, it was Kirsten Owen. The statuesque English blonde was a favorite of seminal ’90s designers like Helmut Lang, Ann Demulemeester, Jil Sander, and Miuccia Prada. With her austere look and carefree demeanor, Owen exemplified the mood of the era and provided a refreshing change of pace from the glamazons who preceded her. For the insiders and photographers who adored her, Owen represented a uncompromising new kind of beauty, one that mirrored the cultural shift from decadent excess to the pared down look of grunge and minimalism.

Over time Owen’s work and her look have become iconic. The current generation looks to those groundbreaking Vogue Italia covers for inspiration, her Versace campaigns and work with Paolo Roversi have served to influence countless stories, and even the current taste for severe, challenging models can be traced back to Owen and her ilk. It’s fitting, then, that at 45 this most memorable of models is enjoying a well deserved career renaissance. New work for Vogue Italia, Love, and Self Service showcase a woman in top form, and reunions with frequent collaborators like Steven Meisel have gleaned a whole new series of unforgettable campaign imagery. Is it any wonder then that Owen is the latest addition to MDC’s Industry Icons List and the subject of this MDX Icons special?

Kirsten Owen
Photography and film by Dario Catellani (New York: ArtList NY, Paris: ArtList Paris)
Stylist Vittoria Cerciello
Hair Marki Shkreli at Tim Howard Management
Make up Justine Purdue at Tim Howard management
Set Designer Josephine Shokrian
Director of photography: Ryan McCally; photo assistant: Emilio Hernandez; stylist assistant: Caitlyn Leary; sound design: Eric Nagy; light designer: Brian Hahn; digital tech: Andrew Lawrence; produced by Amanda Jones at Artlist NY

Cover: Oversized pants, embroidered top, and knit turtle neck by Dior. Leather pumps by Dries Van Noten


Black and white backless dress 3.1 Phillip Lim


Knit turtle neck by Tse. Embroidered top and plated skirt by Hugo Boss. Leather pump by Dries Van Noten


Left: Oversized coat vintage, sleeveless cut out dress, and leather belt by Sportmax
Right: Oversized top and cropped pants by Marni


Wool striped one sleeve dress by Costume National

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28 Comments to “Kirsten Owen”

  1. j says:

    how can you have sigrid agree or magdalena frackowiak and not include julia stegner on an icons list? the girl has been working with top people from day one and has proven her longevity unlike many on that industry icons list.

    if she gets booked its usually something special and big thats what i call selective. everybody knows her name and theres a model every two or three seasons being compared to her. i wouldn’t put her among the old industry icons but seeing the new list i think it is unfair to exclude her

  2. Prudence says:

    There are quite a few models who absolutely do not deserve to be on the icon list: Constance J, Sigrid, Daria Strokous, Magdalena F,Meghan Collison, Suvi Koponen and Toni Garrn. None of them have had the type of presence or impact as true legends like Alek, Eva, Stella Tennant, Mariacarla… its almost insulting to have them be listed along such extraordinary ladies.

  3. Prudence says:

    I am also APPALLED at seeing Cara listed in the New Supers list. How in the hell does this girl qualify to be placed next to greats like Natalia and Liya??? She is having a phase and it will eventually blow over, she is not a supermodel.

  4. James says:

    Icons ???
    you have got to be kidding !! ?

    Magdalena, Constance, Sigrid, Suvi and Tony aren’t Icons nobody even knows them
    maybe the closest acceptable are Karmen and Daria S. on that new added list

    its funny they are on the same list with Natalia, Daria W, Stella, MariaCarla, Liya, Guineverre !!!

  5. James says:

    OK, Its good that Natalia and Liya have been moved to the Supers
    but Kate Upton is a Super ????? that’s the biggest farce on

  6. AVAVAVAVA says:

    so happy!!!!she is everything!she started in the 80s works till this day! remember her and young linda evangelista shot by lindbergh? one of my favorite models! a true survivor as well. she never allowed her private life to mix with her carrier! glad vermont days are over for her. also glad that she constantly is present! no botox no nothing this woman knows how to age gracefully! love u <3

  7. Rangel says:

    Ok, Ok, Ok…

    So Cara is a new super? And Kate Upton? o.O


    I agree with inclusion of Miss Owen and others also Abbey Lee, Frankie R, Tao Okamoto, Alek Wek and Coco Rocha, but Toni Garn, Magdalena F, Lilly D, Candice, Sigrid, Kassia Struss, Jourdan Dunn?! This is absurdity, nonsense and one insult for the biggests names. They are important and have one great carrer, but are too young and nothing is justificiable for included her names in one list appropriate for the names that exist in industrie a long time.
    For me this site was better in select girls/woman for the VIP lists.

    And the top 50? What ranking don’t have positions?
    Like some names and inovations, but the industrie icons list and new supers are mistaken.

  8. Marcus says:

    She looks great, without agressive make up, natural beauty, amazing shots.

  9. Ryan says:

    Kristen is Canadian, Not English- she resides in Toronto with her children. I have had the privilege of working with her and she is lovely. Another successful CANADIAN supermodel.

  10. Pedro Paulo says:

    Happy with this selection. Kristen is gorgeous and absolutely natural. Great model.

    I don’t agree with election of names of young models like Jourdan Dunn, Megan Colisson, Magdalena F and others. I think that they needsone longevous career to prove her importance for the industry.

  11. Peter Paul says:

    Kate Upton is a new super?!

    LMFAO! hhahahaha!

    This is ridiculous! Simply!

    Ok, she is very beautiful and looks healthy, but her career is short for this nomination. Others models deserve for this list, no she. Raquel Zimmermann maybe. I think that this one error. And I wait that have correction.

    And since when Sigrid Agren and others young models are industry icons? They are amazing, but don’t have force for to included in one list like that.

  12. jm says:

    you cant please everyone…. and all in all this isn’t a bad few lists…


    how can you have sigrid argen, toni garn and suvi in the same list as helena christensen, shalom harlow, Karen Elson (in both super and icons list), etc, etc??? I dont mind having them in the list, but surely them promote the others to supers or legends??

    surely helena for legends… shes fits… lets start a campaign #helenaforlegends

  13. Allan M says:

    Ms. Kristen Owens is divine. She has such presence in the runway. Seeing her at Rick Owen’s show was a delight. Glad to see that the great supermodels of all times are getting back to the runway.

  14. Paul Stura says:

    Kirstin is from canada not England .

  15. Lily says:

    I am rather happy, especially with Cindy, Kirsten and Alek finally getting some recognition. If I can ask for just one more thing… please squeeze Tatjana Patitz somewhere, she is one from the original “Big Five” and still does work. The work is a bit random but still.

  16. Natasha kerenhappuch m Peters says:

    Wow!I must say she is a definition of what modeling is all about,I know I’m good too but I think I have gotten something from her.

  17. David0ff says:

    Why isn’t Elise Crombez on the icons list? Also, shouldn’t Candice be on the money girls list as she’s been declared among the 10 highest paid models!?

  18. AVAVAVAVA says:

    i agree where are edie campbell, raquel zimmermann, and elise crombez on this list? hello elise crombez 10-12vogue italian covers, who else have such covers?

  19. Vinicios Dias says:

    Caroline de Maigret, Elise Crombez, Julia Stegner, Caroline Winberg, Erin O’Connor and many others deserve for this list… More than young models that were includeds now.

  20. Francis Jr says:

    Não sei se devo fazer uma elevada crítica à lista atual de modelos que passaram a fazer parte dos Ícones da Indústria, mas é fato que é uma lista que precisa de correções e ajustes, porque parece um tanto equivocada.
    Isto porque, Toni Garn, Magdalena F, Jourdan Dunn, Constance J, Candice S, Daria, Suvi K e Megan Collison podem até possuir uma carreira brilhante até o momento e serem incrivelmente belas, mas de certo que não se fizeram ícones ainda por inúmeros motivos. Até porque em termos de números de campanhas, tempo de experiência e importância de longa data, todas as outras modelos que já faziam parte da lista estão em ampla vantagem.
    Ícones são modelos de que a indústria não pode prescindir. Talvez o site não tenha sido notavelmente inteligente e sensato nas novas escolhas, exceto algumas.

    Alek Wek, Coco Rocha, Tao Okamoto, Frankie Rayder, Kristen Owen, Crystall R e Catherine possuem história e respaldo suficientes para entrarem neste grupo seleto. Elas sim são ícones.
    Helena Christersen, por exemplo, demorou um longo tempo para entrar na lista mesmo já tendo incontáveis trabalhos e uma longa carreira, então colocar modelos tão jovens no rol de “Ícones” chega a ser injusto com outras modelos. Dentro do prazo de 5 ou 6 anos provavelmente essas garotas se tornarão ícones, mas definitivamente este não o momento.
    É como uma banalização da seleção de quem é ou não ícone. Aficionados esperam um longo tempo para ver uma ou outra modelo conseguir esse feito, e de repente uma leva com modelos ainda muito jovens é colocada na lista, sinceramente isso chega a ser decepcionante. Eu pelo menos fiquei decepcionado.

    Acho que outras modelos poderiam ter essa oportunidade agora como:
    Erin O’cornor; Nadja Auermann; Maggie Rizer; Tatjana Patitz; Trish Goff; Yasmin LeBon; Hannelore Knuts; Jessica Miller; Anne V; Caroline Winberg; Jessica Stegner. Ou mesmo modelos que conseguiram transitar entre as campanhas de renome e seguir uma linha sexy/bombshell como Izabel Goulart ou Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

    Consigo imaginar até mesmo modelos que não tem tido um volume recente tão grande de trabalho como Eugenia Volodina; Eugenia Silva; Bridget Hall, mas que possuem um nomes de peso e belezas tanto indiscutíveis quanto incomparáveis.

    Definitivamente a nova lista me parece um tanto quanto equivocada. Assim como colocar Kate Upton entre as novas supers. É algo inconcebível.

  21. Francis Jr says:

    I do not know if a high critical current list of the models that have become part of the Icons of Industry, but the fact is that you need a list of fixes and tweaks, because it seems somewhat misplaced.
    This is because, Toni Garn, Magdalena F, Jourdan Dunn, Constance J, Candice S, Daria, Suvi K and Megan Collison may even have a brilliant career to date and are incredibly beautiful, but certainly not yet made ​​icons for numerous reasons. Especially because in terms of numbers of campaigns, length of experience and longstanding importance, all other models were already part of the list are in wide advantage.
    Icons are models that the industry can not do without. Maybe the site has not been remarkably intelligent and wise choices in new except some.

    Alek Wek, Coco Rocha, Tao Okamoto, Frankie Rayder, Kristen Owen, Crystall R and Catherine history and have sufficient support for entering this select group. Yes they are icons.
    Helena Christersen, for example, it took a long time to get on the list even got countless jobs and a long career, so as to put young models on the list of “Icons” gets to be unfair to other models. Within 5 or 6 years probably these girls become icons, but definitely not this time.
    It’s like a trivialization of the selection of who is or is not icon. Amateurs wait a long time to see either model get that done, and suddenly a wave with very young models is placed in the list, honestly it gets to be disappointing. At least I was disappointed.

    I think other models could have that opportunity now as:
    Erin O’cornor; Nadja Auermann; Maggie Rizer; Tatjana Patitz; Trish Goff; Yasmin LeBon; Hannelore Knuts; Jessica Miller; Anne V; Caroline Winberg; Jessica Stegner. Or even models who managed to transition between campaigns and follow a reputed line sexy / bombshell Izabel Goulart or Rosie Huntington Whiteley, for example.

    I can imagine even models that don’t have recently experienced a large volume of work as Eugenia Volodina; Eugenia Silva; Bridget Hall, but names that have a weight and so indisputable as incomparable beauty.

    Definitely the new list seems somewhat misplaced. Like Kate Upton put between the new supers. It is inconceivable.

  22. elfen says:

    two words: Gemma Ward

  23. Sam says:

    @Ryan, Actually no, Owen is NOT Canadian, she lives there now, but is British and was discovered in London, where she was working as a dental nurse prior to modelling.

  24. Lily says:

    Just how did I forget the legendary Yasmin Le Bon? She needs to be honored somehow.

  25. chado says:

    Kirsten is Canadian.

  26. Khoality says:

    Sigid, Daria, Kasia,Kati, Vanessa, Julia, Toni,…Love them!!!! <3

  27. Francisco says:

    great Kirsten Owen, Thank.
    Erin O conor, Hanelore knuts, Iekeliene Stange, Yasmine le Bon, Pat Cleveland, Maggie rizer

    in the list of hot list faltan muchas:
    Mona Matzouka, Juliette Fazeckas,anna cleveland, Kelly Mittendorf, antonia weseloh.

  28. Elaina says:

    Hi I would love to be a Model