Calvin Klein Fall 2011 Presentation

Posted by Stephan Moskovic | March 31st, 2011

Kevin Carrigan’s vision for Calvin Klein’s fall collection is refined yet relaxed. “The idea of lounging in your pajamas, with your bathrobe coat and snakeskin,” Carrigan quipped at the editor-packed CK presentation, “Calvin was always inspired by the colors of the Southwest and I wanted to use that as my inspiration this season.” Autumn is the perfect time for all things Southwestern and the warm color palette, combined with the wide array of textures, made for an appealing selection. Lanky models wore shades of tan, rust and granite as they stood perched on pedestals looking chic in standout pieces like the loose-fitting copper-colored pants and heather gray wrap coat. Minimalism is a Calvin trademark, but for those in search of statement pieces there were plenty of options: head-to-toe boa print for women and Don Draper-worthy wool suits for the guys. Throw in a series of utilitarian accessories covered in scales, furs and suede and you have the makings of an incredible (and affordable) modern wardrobe.
Calvin Klein
Fall 2011 Presentation

Photos: Betty Sze for
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Designer: Kevin Carrigan
Stylist: Jay Massacret
Opening shot: River Viiperi, Cailin Hill, Jesse/Request, Bryn, Mateus Lages, Xiao Wen Ju, Tilda Lindstam, Ethan James Green
2:Teresa/Supreme 3:Olga/Cole 4: Christian Plauche, Reid Prebenda 5: Corey Baptiste 6: Linus Gustin 7: Sharon Kavjian 8: Gabriel Perez, Monika Sawicka 9: Yulia, Pete Bolton, Tim Ruger, Teresa 10: Gabriel, Monica, Herieth Paul 11: Danny Beaucham 12:Yulia Lobova, Reid 13: Jordan Coulter 14: RJ King 15: Accessories 16: Sarah, Maria, Kat Hessen 17:Daria 18: Accessories part 2 19: Kat and Tom Warren 20: River and Cailin 21: Mateus Lages and Xiao Wen Ju

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21 Comments to “Calvin Klein Fall 2011 Presentation”

  1. Safari Disco Club says:

    Who is the gorgeous girl in the last photo? She looks divine!

  2. TeeVanity says:

    Amazing River, Mateus, Ethan, Fei Fei, Corey, Reid, etc. amazing!

  3. Matt says:

    that is Xiao Wen not Feifei

  4. Chance says:

    Last photo. i am thinking that’s Xiao Wen Ju. super gorgeous and edgy

  5. Richard says:

    Xiao Wen is amazing!!!

  6. Daan says:

    Who’s the guy on the right in the first photo?

  7. minha says:

    who is the guy with a girl in the 6th photo

  8. Candice says:

    Herieth is always so chic!

  9. MissNicole says:

    Who is the blonde in the 2nd to last photo?

  10. One who knows fashion can always tell a Calvin Klein spread right away without even seeing the logo. Such an identifiable style with the models and clothes… the models here are so amazing- really owning the moment and “being there” with CK’s signature look of serious confidence. This is all very subtle and sexy.

  11. M. says:

    Girl next to Xiao Wen Ju in the opening shot is Tilda Lindstam 🙂

  12. kukupiku says:

    Last year if I’m not mistaken Arizona Muse was part of the CK line up before her Prada SS opening. I wonder if Russel March is also looking at this…

  13. Matimus says:

    @ Daan

    Ethan james is the guy on the right in the first photo

  14. Matimus says:

    @ Minha

    Gabriel Perez is the guy with a girl in the 6th photo

  15. manDY says:

    xiao wen is adorable

  16. Gressex says:

    Classic CK at its best. The models look fantastic! My commentary has to do with whoever decided on the body-hugging rust top and high-waisted pants for the lovely Yulia. Sadly your eyes fixate on her ribs, which bring up negative images of the industry. Perhaps another garment might have been better.

  17. F sama says:

    favorite Freja

  18. Mal.S says:

    this is so cool, it is the best. And reply to the comment on top that outfit on Yulia is gorgeous!! Every slender female standing up straight would look like that in a body suit, everyone has ribs man

  19. all of this is rather intriguing. even the video ads, kudos to Calvin Klein

  20. Moriah says:

    this is one of my favorite presentations as well as the video campaign!

  21. Jon Nunn says:

    lounging Russian war raiders. who stole all the chuck tailor sneakers and cigarettes.