Posted by Stephan Moskovic | October 19th, 2017

Copy. Print. Bold beauty is back in business

Tired of the same, copy and paste, “no makeup” optics? The latest MDX original yields dynamic results with visuals directed by Sebastian Mader that dare to be audacious. The ever-alluring Janice Alida ransacks the office Xerox, mixing all the surreal pieces together with beauty looks that breakthrough the monotonous thanks to the adept hands of Maud Laceppe. While Joey George refines Alida’s sleek and shorn crop, stylist Lotte Elisa echoes the retrofuturistic mood with contrasting petal pink suiting and accessories that are surely…ahem…eye-catching. Check out how this mosaic of flashy style shows creativity has no boundaries.

A film by Sebastian Mader

Featuring Janice Alida

Director: Sebastian Mader
Stylist: Lotte Elisa
Hair: Joey George
Makeup: Maud Laceppe
Set Design: Nicholas des Jardins
Manicure: Naomi Yasuda
Casting: Sydney Bowen
Editor : Irene Ojo-Felix

Special thanks
3.1 Phillip Lim
I Still Love You NYC
Albright Fashion Library

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4 Comments to “Copy. Print. Bold Beauty is Back in Business”

  1. Maui Gomez says:

    Waiting for the best♥️

  2. jason harry says:

    really very good and so fresh ++ L O V E

  3. Karly says:

    So amazing
    Would love to work with you
    Instagram @Karly_ekeh