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June 25th, 2009 by Janelle | Boys, Fashion Week, Model News
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AJ Abualrub is having a moment. From his stint as face of Calvin Klein to his red-hot Milan season and controversial profile in the New York Times, AJ has set tongues wagging and is fast becoming one of the most talked about boys in the industry. Naturally, the buzz surrounding the blue eyed Kentuckian was building before shows started and MDC was there to capture a bit of the excitement. Photographer Eric Sposito followed AJ as he made the rounds of Paris castings and given his impressive season so far it seems he made quite the impression.




















Photos: Eric Sposito for MODELS.com. Special thanks to Catherine at Success.

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  1. Kevlin Yu says:

    I was about to watch that movie today, you need to stop reading my diary.

  2. fendi says:

    Thank you ms betty, ms Catherine and mr Sposito…. he is ssooo amazing..and good job losing weight, if he loose more weight will make him look edgier. … hope there will be more of ahmad jalal soon.

  3. Kelly says:

    I love this man!
    He has an adorable smile.

  4. Gustavo says:

    Great face, he seems to be a lovely teenager!
    About his drivers license…..so hes 6’3?? A lil bit taller for modeldom right? hehe

  5. tomfyfs says:

    attractive photos, attractive model!!^^

  6. AJP says:

    He’s cool. I like that he doesn’t have a perfectly sculpted nose like most models. It keeps him unique from the others

  7. RODRIGO DUTRA says:

    My eyes was on him for while but this season in Milan made him one of my favories male models,every time he appaears on the runway he took my breath away he was far from amazing,perfect ,beatiful,great walk, stunning body and face
    LOVE HIM!!!!!

  8. poo says:

    LOVE him. He’s got it.

  9. dirk says:

    huh..not an organ donor…

  10. Lila says:

    I think it’s really nice to see someone of diverse background in the modeling industry. I’m assuming he’s partly of Arabic origin by his name? I can see it slightly in his face ;) And he’s Kentucky bred! The lovely Boyd Holbrook is a Kentuckian too and he’s gone very far, let’s hope AJ does too!

  11. kingchic says:

    I did an entire post about AJ after he wowed me with his CK campaign. His eyes are captivating and he oozes masculinity and sensuality all at once. His name is very unique, wonder what the background is?


  12. Idan says:

    Oooooooooooooooh I’m lovin the shots! I love love love and i would love to do the same thing. What i mean is taking pictures. :)

  13. Oliverio says:

    6’3″????~~! so I guess it is true heights do have to be stretched, or shortened in this case, for good faces.

  14. MT says:

    Oh my god!!! @ those face closeups! I love these! I cannot wait to see more of AJ!

  15. fendi says:

    aj is half arab and half american… his dad is arab.. correct me if im wrong..tq

  16. Lila says:

    ^he’s half arabic kingchic :)

  17. Keith says:

    Happy Belated Bday my fellow Gemini…I did a post about the CK Jacket you wore in the AD…Question did they let you keep the CK cotton baseball jkt??? Dope jacket…keep doin your thing kidd…

  18. rizalyaakub says:

    definitely something to watch.

  19. Mike says:

    6’3”. I like him better now. I would love to know the real heights of models. I’m surprised they would put him at 6’1” on his compcard and not put 6’2”.

  20. Mauro says:

    Matt Gordon is 6’4”, so is Andres Velencoso. As long as your good looking and show potential then they’ll take you in a top agency.

  21. David says:

    What a handsome and engaging model and such a wonderful photographic adventure of a model’s working life in Paris!

  22. Cesar says:

    I hope he get’s more great campaigns!!

  23. mam singhateh says:

    can’t believe my eyes when i saw the pic….

  24. jon says:


  25. mam singhateh says:

    you’re so hot ooooh huh……..

  26. Zakuro says:

    Good to see these pics with well focus to capture him.
    So Nice work, Mr Eric Sposit;)!

    Especially,,,i like AJ in the bathroom which looked like a scene of the film.
    AJ in the train and smoking look with half-naked so cool.
    And, with a bit beard face is damn sexy.
    Him on the driver licnse,,,so yum.

  27. Rafael says:

    otimo, o Aj é com certeza o modelo mais bonito da atualidade!

  28. Iva says:

    Eh. I only like him in his CK ads; He’s not as attractive or really all that unique looking without all the airbrushing. Or maybe it’s just me then, as everyone else is seemigly drooling over him.

    I guess what I’m trying to say I don’t really see that “it” in him like I do in Danny Schwarz and Will Chalker for example.

  29. Aliyyah says:

    he is half Arab… not ababic lol. and he is half German. he has more german decent than abrab.

  30. Marat says:

    Very good!!!

  31. Ana Beatriz says:

    Uh, Nice!

  32. F says:

    Ambrose Olson is 5’9

  33. bloggita says:

    Very cool! ^^

  34. Trudy Munro says:

    WOW!!!! PLZZZZZZZ come to South Arica!

  35. Prabal says:

    He is beautiful…of course smoking is unacceptable..

  36. Malinka Max says:

    Kentucky hotness! They grow them in corn fields!

  37. Nick Rousse says:

    AJ is my biggets inspiration and role model for modeling…hes one of the reason that made me want to get inyo modeling…i really admire this bloke…he is going to be huge…cheers.

  38. daanb says:

    he makes me buying the clothes.
    just amazing

  39. EVAN MONACO says:

    Real nice story style. Great!

  40. steve says:

    Solid in CK campaign! Good for him and power to us models with Kentucky heritage…haha.

    This is what modeling should focus on and what makes ya smile – breakouts like this!

  41. Ocean says:

    his face leaves a lasting impression… he has like this soothing glare.


    Yum! He’s so yummy loving his look a lot!

  43. ptr says:

    Betty, any interview. I like to hear his voice :)

  44. brucegisele says:

    He is going to take to the top. He has a very cool new fresh face. I like him better as a blonde. His name makes it cool to see a blonde guy of his background. But, the interesting thing about him is that you can SEE the potential there and I believe he will own his look while turning himself into a businessman.
    I know he going to have a different look SOON. He’s a chameleon: I can see AJ as a blonde, curly short, buzzed cut,black hair, mushroom or even curly long. I’m praying for you dude. Keep it up!

  45. GC says:

    He is good looking but….
    I don’t like the width of his nose, not for top-modeldom! He slumps when he walks and he is still wearing the old-fashion saggy-butt, baggy American jena thing. His agency should teach him that a body hugging well fit jean will show of his ass-etts!

  46. christian pierre santiago says:

    i dunno about seeing the stereotypical “arab” in his face if his name wasnt so arab im sure no one would question his background

    but the berber arabs in north africa commonly have blonde or red hair i read more common than people in southern europe

  47. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    …German DESCENT…as long as YOU ARE, NOT “your” good looking…
    …people, please!
    …and I agree with you, Christian Pierre, nobody would have a clue about his “heritage” if he was introduced as Malcolm Savage or Steve Dunlop!!lol
    …by the way, this guy is cool, modern face, contemporary features.

  48. Charlie says:

    models.com – da best. Keep it going!

  49. Aliyyah says:

    his nose is fine with me… it makes him look unique. and his heritage has features like that. and ive seen the tighter jeans on him. more straight leg and tighter around the hips and such. he has great potential, some of the things that ppl are saying can be easily fixed, the pants, the hair, the slump walking. obliviously there are alot of ppl that like him for who he is and his personality. he is doing a great job and everyone should be proud of him for making it this far from KY and having that type of heritage background.

  50. Aliyyah says:

    instead of critiquing what “bad” features some of you may think he has, you should see what “great” features he has. least his nose isnt crooked, his eyes are beautiful and bold. his face structure is great. his cut body is off the chain. his hair you can do anything to it and it works great. as far as his personality. he is very outgoing, giving, super sweet, and really friendly. he has great potential, determined to do his best and confident. he is a model and ppl need to look at the good in him.

  51. justanamepls says:

    who is that guy with blonde hair and white t-shirt on? 11th picute.

  52. Jane says:

    ^I think his name is Dennis Johnson.

  53. epuk says:

    to justanamepls: I believe it’s Blaine Cook… I could be wrong but it looks like him.

  54. justanamepls says:

    awwwww, yes he is. thank you sooooo much. ^^

  55. betty says:

    Blonde is Dennis Johnson.


  56. richie says:

    wow… really nice! Hope to see lots more of him.

  57. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    …are you sure this guy is 6’3”??
    It does not look like that when you see him besides/near other “regular”people, hence pics 4,8,12,15…
    Great physique anyway, and the rest. All the potential is there.

  58. DE LEON says:


  59. hadassah says:

    super model Troy Hixson is from Ky

  60. dunn nil says:

    ya allah,alangkah cakepnya dirimu..
    in english it mean ” oh my god, u so handsome..”
    i wish u read this.. amin.

  61. riggs says:

    hot some underwear shots please

  62. Aliyyah says:

    to malinka: we don’t have corn fields in Ky. did you misunderstand that with tobacco fields?? Ohio has the corn fields. close enough though..i guess ;)

  63. nj says:

    Ahmad abualrub <3 is the best nale model eva!!

  64. nj says:

    male model not nale model hahahahahaha..

  65. jason says:

    He’s adorable. Big nose though. But I love his steel blue eyes and his strong body.

  66. Model guy says:

    He is not 6’3” not even close, I’d say 6′ at the most. How do i know this? Because I am 6’3” and have stood next to him, and that blonde guy is Dennis Johnson

  67. And says:

    He is so lucky. Look at where he stands right now.

  68. ASHLEY BELLE says:


  69. Yonie says:

    He will be my future husband someday :-)

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