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April 9th, 2009 by Janelle | Model News
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Devon Aoki. Pols courtesy of 1 Model Management.

Some girls never lose that undeniable it-factor, Devon Aoki has it in spades. The lithe beauty’s newest polaroids show a model who still knows how to captivate the camera. Her angelic looks are just as pristine today as they were the day she started.

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  1. kris says:

    just flawless.

  2. C-la-Créative says:

    I just love her!

  3. Thom says:

    Most symmetrical face on this planet. Let us see more than before!

  4. ania says:

    the greatest face ever!!!!

  5. Andrew says:


  6. me says:


  7. Charlotte says:

    woah. she is such a stunner!!!! how old is she now?! she looks about 17!

  8. Michael says:

    Devon Aoki is a Legend

  9. Juan Lovas says:

    I just love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … finally a well deserved return

  10. alexander says:


  11. Kitson says:


  12. Elle says:


  13. Morgan says:

    i simply love devon.
    she inspires me that you
    can be short and still model
    -by the way she is 26.

  14. Ryan says:

    omg she looks better than ever…

  15. IIeva says:

    She’s 26 now!! But I agree – she looks so young!!! Love her! ;)

  16. poni says:

    still fresh

  17. MSD says:

    Still one of my favourites!!!!!!

    Just simply love Devon!!!

  18. Alex says:

    love love love her!!!
    now she is special and super edgy!
    from her lancome campagin to her role in sin city.
    thats what you call a supermodel:)

  19. Czarina says:

    Good lord, 26 is not old!

  20. that girl says:

    OMG still amazingly angelic!

  21. MDC_375504 says:

    She’s just beautiful.
    Simply gorgous.
    Like an angel on earth.
    She has such perfect features.
    And we have the same name!!!
    Only I spell it Devin with an i.
    Instead of Devon with an o.

  22. MDC_375504 says:

    She is so beautiful.
    She has such perfect features.
    She looks like an angel on earth.

  23. lajksdajf says:

    охуеть она классная

  24. heejae Na says:

    활동하는 모습을 보고싶다..^^

  25. Baby C says:


    Now if you’re technically you’re too short to model, at least you should have a face like that.

  26. Dakra says:

    beautiful!! denitily i love her…

  27. Keith says:


  28. Mmmm says:

    i did a job with her about 12 years ago she was lovely and still as beautiful as ever :-)

  29. Mmmm says:

    i agree with baby c if you’re short you should be flawless as she is. there’s a girl at select called susie mashford i think, she is tiny but the most beautiful face in the world

  30. paris says:

    I hate it when non fashion people call devon ugly, she’s hust so uniqe!! I would rather look like Devon than some pop star anyday

  31. kirsten says:

    i love that she’s only 5’5″

  32. Jody Schmidt says:

    Cool site, Keith!

    I love it when people spam their URLs.
    They have to.

    There is no other way I would have found out about this guy’s chill blog unless the link was gratuitously left on a forum or blog comment.

    Cheers. :-)

  33. Elvire says:

    Devon Aoki, you can’t resist…a fantasm!

  34. lmcvl says:

    short?how tall is 5’5 in european measure?

  35. mike says:

    i like her a lot but she doesnt not have the most symmetrical face in the world, Gemma ward does and gemma ward has the most perfect face of the moment – i dont understand whats happening to the modeling world, they even have to take back old models cuz they dont know what they´re doing anymore.

    They do use a lot of beautiful girls, but leave the bad ones out please!

    (i still love devon i aint bashing her)

  36. diaboliqueguan says:

    Devon looked like a poisonous cherubic in Thierry Mugler, and so right in Chanel. These shots say how womanly beautiful she can be.

  37. Pina says:

    Impossible to retouch her…
    God is fashion… He made it like this…

  38. Cindy says:


  39. bill says:

    flawless they should not judge models on there height

  40. Christopher Y says:

    she’s such an underrated beauty…
    glad she’s making a comeback with One… ;-)

  41. romesh says:

    damn crazy abt her,wish i cud…
    honey m insane
    love ur childishness & innocent look & abt thy serenity

  42. Stine Bjørnsterne says:

    wow, hun har et slikt merkelig ansikt! Hun ser ut som et barn.

  43. 朋友 says:

    Have much of a girl of personality….

  44. 小眼睛小田 says:

    Have a special feature

  45. Breanna Baker says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!! And proof that petite models can make it in this industry. Would love to work with her someday.

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