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Yulia/Women Model Management. Image courtesy of Women NY

Girl 1 at Jil Sander SS09, Yulia Kharlapanova was undeniable in her massive impact on the catwalk scene this season. With a roll call that runs from Prada and Miu Miu to Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, McQueen, Lanvin, Dolce and Burberry, Yulia was easily one of the Top 3 break-out girls based on that runway momentum. Now brace yourself for that editorial follow-through.

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» View our complete Fashion Week coverage here

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  1. gaga says:

    she’s the only newbie i like so much

  2. dodo says:

    LOVED her !!!!

  3. kuzya says:

    finally she’s also in top ten

  4. ryder says:

    finally! love her.

  5. rita_nesterets says:


  6. photorama says:

    Such a powerful face, truly one of the strongest new faces at the moment!

  7. Arthur says:

    this is one of the causes of global warming.

  8. corrie s says:

    absolutely breathe taking! shes a gorgeous find!

  9. yappi says:

    fascinating charismatic!!

  10. daniel says:

    Yulia-tell us how it is and it aint!

  11. megan says:

    she’s beautiful!!!

  12. MDC_361795 says:

    Really BEAUTIFUL!

  13. MDC_361795 says:

    model is cool , and her face is fascinating

  14. C-la-Créative says:

    Gorgeous girl!

  15. Naseem mughal says:

    she has it in her…………..the attitude,the passion,the height,……………at this angle the legs seem abit skiny

  16. yulia says:

    awesome. she so beautiful. :)

  17. glenn says:

    wow! she’s very beautiful and so gorgeous. and when she walks, she got it. She got a long beautiful legs and a killer walk. Her walk is phenomenom. She looks professional when she is on the runway. She will be next Natasha Poly in the future. Go Yulia. I also like Sigrid. Yulia is great..

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