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August 1st, 2008 by betty | Model News
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Joachim/Request Model Management NY. Pols and pics courtesy of Request

Though there’s been a recent upswing of attention on more mature men for the campaigns and shows, when OTM saw Joachim’s pics we knew this was a special one. Continuing in the feline tradition, Joachim is perfect for those directional clients interested in the classic androgynous beauty.

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  1. raie says:

    he pretty cute :)

  2. annonymous says:

    wow those zebra pants are hott! and so is he

  3. walter says:

    but he´s been around for like 3 years ???

  4. betty says:

    Sometimes it takes a little while for a model to “grow” into their
    beauty. Carolyn Murphy and Daria Werbowy both modeled about 3-4
    years and almost quit but then hit it “big”. So much of the
    industry is timing and the right photographer liking you can
    take you to that next level. Heidi Klum was a catalog queen
    for years, but the right clients and marketing has her now a
    household name. I’m not saying that Joachim is the next Heidi Klum
    but just pointing out that one can toil for 3 years and still be
    considered a new thing.


  5. blackvelvet says:

    very nicely said betty, its about staying in the game and waiting for your moment!!!

  6. fashion eyes says:

    amazing look this guy has, hope to hear good stuff on him…

  7. muns says:

    he is stunning!

    blackvelvet: your named after my favorite facial cleanser :)

  8. nick says:

    the same look in every picture….

  9. DooDiva says:

    Like fourth picture very much. Love bone structure and
    and that pout lip!

  10. catherine says:

    Perfect for Rad Hourani SS09, i hope he’ll be in THE RAD show!

  11. Carla says:

    He look’s amazing!!!!

  12. walter says:

    thanks betty

  13. Ryo says:

    He looks pretty good when styled up

  14. april says:

    is it just me?
    the first few pics remind of Freja…

  15. Alex says:

    Is’nt he with Unique models in Cph too??

  16. Juta says:

    the look in his eyes is charming and so deep

  17. dante says:

    Personally, I think he resembles Taylor Fuchs, he has alot of
    of similar features.

  18. emm says:

    hmm . he rocks.! taht’s it .!

  19. Krin says:

    He looks like a male version of Milla Jovovich, I think.

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