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July 7th, 2008 by wayne | Model News
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Sessilee/Major Model Management. Ph: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, July 08.

The Cinderella story of the long awaited July Vogue Italia has got to be that of Sessilee Lopez with her turn in this astonishingly beautiful Only Girl edit shot by Meisel. The rigor and dedication, the finely tuned detailing of the lighting, hair, makeup and styling, and finally the emotional investment evident in these photographs is literally a case of a gorgeous girl finally getting the chance to show her stuff. You can almost feel that everybody in the room, and most certainly Sessilee KNEW that this shoot was a moment. Here is an exclusive look at the full edit as well as Sessilee’s cover and single color portrait.

Fashion editor: Karl Templer, makeup: Pat McGrath.

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    finally something cool mr meisel

  2. Aleksandr says:

    She reminiscent of a softer Grace Jones in some of those shots.

  3. Marie says:

    These are wonderful!

  4. Andrew says:

    this is true FASHION!!!!!!

  5. Janice says:

    OMG! Wayne – Sessilee’s mom here. Thank you so much. It really
    is a Cinderella story more than anyone knows. I’m in tears right
    now – I swear.

  6. Quinton says:

    Wow I thought she resembled Grace Jones in some of the photos as well!!! I never really liked her until I saw these photos!!!

  7. Mary Hampton says:

    I hope this sends out a message to the fashion industry because this girl just rocked this spread. I will be buying the Italia VOGUE/ THE BLACK ISSUE! WOW!

  8. Bonifant says:

    OMG she’s giving me
    Grace Jones
    and most importantly badass 90s take no prisioners SUPERMODEL

    wERk it Sess!!!!!

  9. Jason says:

    Wow, Sessilee looks amazing in these photos… a star is born.

  10. Day says:

    Her versatility in these shots is astounding. Cheers.

  11. George Brown says:

    OMFG!!!! I thought this was going to happen under IMG? Good Job MAJOR!!!!!!!

  12. Felipe says:

    She looks absolutelly incredible. On the cover she looks like
    Katiuscha to me, and in several pictures she looks like Trentini.
    i’m a bit speechless

  13. smartarse says:

    this is when i say IMG is such a putz! pffft!

    applauds Major and gives standing ovation to the
    beautiful Ms. Lopez. Amazing!

  14. jasonKanner says:

    Thanks George…Katia championed this girl from the moment she walked in and its been amazing watching this growth.

  15. Victor says:

    Thanks for the edit! It is inspiring to see such a beautiful and talented young woman being given the chance to showcase her versatility. AMAZING!!!

  16. Marta says:

    Cinematic, sensuous, intelligent, riveting!!!! Absolute beauty and perfection.

  17. Anitra says:

    She is amazing…I keep seing her around and she just gives it up. Her look is versatile and I hope to see more of her. It’s as if she studied modeling because she always gives something new and it’s just the epitome of fashion…so much finesse! Keep doing it….

  18. Seth Sabal says:

    This is not only an amazing model, but a blessed and wonderful woman.
    I have only had the pleasure of hanging out one time with her, but she is
    a bright light, amazing model and not to mention great at guitar hero… : )
    I wish her a blessed and continued success!!!

  19. Alessandra berg says:

    Jee This girl has talent and specially “the” look. What an awesome editorial.
    The facial expressions, her lips, the look on her eyes.
    Hotlicious smoking hot but classy and absolutely yet edgy. loved it.
    Thank you

  20. RAGAD5 says:

    Wow, these are some of the most beautiful high fashion photos
    I have ever seen! Each shot is amazing and Sessilee is
    absolutely stunning, noone could have done it better! Beauty
    must definitely run in her family. Here’s to the success of
    Sessilee and Kristian!

  21. Zak says:

    wow she so beautiful i can see her as the worlds top model

  22. Amélie says:

    I love her she’s gorgeous!!! It’s really cool to see more black beauties in Vogue!!! She’s so dazzlingit’s splendide!!!

  23. Lisa says:

    what beautiful and original photos

  24. Barbara E. Ferguson says:

    This is truly a beautiful young woman. Who will take the modeling world to a new level with her beauty and grace.

  25. Kevin Ferguson Sr. says:

    This work and this model have reached a new creative level.

  26. Brian says:

    she is both breathtaking and charismatic

  27. Dara says:

    These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Sessilee is soo stauesque.

  28. Kim says:

    Sessilee, you are amazing. I’ve been following your career with your transition from IMG NY to Major Model Management and your personal growth is outstanding. I know you are a very down to earth young lady because my daughter Kelly of Trump Models has spoken very fondly of you. You invited her to Great Adventures in NJ a while back. I wish you continued success in this tough industry. My hat goes off to your dear mom for raising such a beautiful young lady.

  29. Terry says:

    I too thought of Grace in some of the shots. She’s a remarkable looking young woman. Looks like she has a great career ahead of her. Good luck!

  30. Antiloupe says:

    AWESOME!! She’s gorgeous in every single picture! And i totally agree with ‘Bonifant’, her versatility
    is mindboggling! We SO needed this after years of looking at the same faces over and over
    again! Kudos to Steven Meisel and Vogue Italia, well done!

  31. Lance says:

    Flawless ! Sessilee captures such elegance and poise in her shots. She is truely a remarkable model and young women. Keep doin ya thing !

  32. KEVIN says:


  33. KEVIN says:


  34. fashion-stylist says:

    Gorgeous!!! finally high fashion, beautiful model, very YSL. Great!!!!

  35. kristian Loren says:

    Wow… totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sessilee looks stunning, beautiful and tres’ chic. I definetly want to see more on this “Sessilee”.

  36. Shane says:

    Wow, this is definetly history!!!!
    I’m glad to see fashion chnging and I’m glad they chose Sessilee to make this historic moment.
    I’ve feel like I am apart of this because i’ve been following her since the Mcys commercial.
    Great work Sessilee And I can’t wait to see more of your work in the future.
    GURL,you beter work.

  37. jasonKanner says:


  38. Sarah says:

    Sessilee is a top model… Gorgeous!!

  39. TOYA says:


  40. Marisa says:

    She looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! Congrats!

  41. Bryn says:

    Amazing, Amazing!!!!!

    This is so far beyond anything I’ve ever seen!!!!!

    Sissilee’s KILLING it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Patar says:

    This girl is GORGEOUS!Versatile and very regal!
    Meisel definitely launch a new bred of a top model with this issue
    Does anyone have Toccara Jones pics? Rarely seen a plus size model in Vogue!

  43. Mike says:

    Superbad! Enough said.

  44. Laura says:

    you look beautiful Sess….congrats girl…now that’s what you call a SUPER MODEL!

  45. Eamon says:

    S U P E R M O D E L

  46. VCH says:

    Sessi – I’m in awe of your style and grace. I’m not surprised of your beauty because you take after your mother. We wish you many more beautiful years to come.
    Way to represent West Philly!

  47. Momma Lee says:

    Sess you are a beauty me and dad are so proud of you. I always knew it was something special about you. Keep up the good work. Work your thing out. We Love you much keep working it. Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  48. Amber D says:

    These pictures are pure genius. She looks absolutely stunning. Im happy to see such a beautiful representation of the black women on the cover of Italian Vogue.

  49. Gavin Bain says:

    This is a blessing to see a Fashion story on african american women of color from a Top Magazine. I’m Very Proud of you Sessilee. Meisel, as always, your work is on point. As we say in the hood, THAT SH’T IS FYAH!!!

  50. David E.D. says:

    Work me goddamnit. This is fashion, versality, emotion…This is her moment. Pure genius. The angles, the lighting, the looks. SHE IS NO LONGER SOME EDGY, ADRODGYNOUS, GRACE JONESESY GAL. She is glamour, classic beauty..I’m weeping and this is year is some many things and this is another example. She was among 10 or so models and she got 30 pages…work me Sessilee!

  51. Iryn says:

    She’s sexy!

  52. Alison says:

    OMG, love her look!

  53. Erica says:

    Simply amazing! Sessilee looks stunning.
    I want to see her face in more magazines please!!!

  54. mark says:


  55. jmd says:

    what a remarkable face.
    i love the versatility in each shoot,
    and wish that high profile magazines would feature more women of color on their covers.

  56. sherly says:

    BONIFANT you are so right!

  57. DJ says:

    Those r nice pics

  58. Ai says:

    Sessilee Lopez is stunning. Bold glamour, audacious charm. This is a major moment!

  59. Maria says:

    Sessilee is bellisima, a true bella donna. Bravo!

  60. Ai Padilla says:

    Incredible model–bold, bold, bold!

  61. Shane says:

    absolutely amazing… there isn’t a word that can describe her work.

  62. Sergio says:

    I like this model–she can do anything and look amazing whether it’s traditional high glamour or avante garde chic.!

  63. victor says:

    wowwwwwwwwww bellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Sessilee and Steven – what magic! She looks superbe! Sessilee
    Lopez looks like a DREAM! I bet Carine Roitfeld is thinking,
    I should’ve done this FIRST!!!! This is just the beginning for
    Madamoiselle Lopez, her look is so chameleon. She has that
    mercurial ability to look like atleast half a dozen different
    nationalities and she can look like a beautiful hyrbid of them as
    well. That’s important in this business! Bravo to Zac Posen for
    casting her in his shows, good foresight!

    Girl, just wait for all those contracts to sign you up…they are
    just lining up outside your door…any second now!

    SESSILEE U R SENSATIONAL! You should thank your F A B U L O U S
    Krissy for being such a SUPER SUPPORT and CHEERLEADER!!!!

  65. raie says:

    i love her look and she so beautiful!!!!! it deffinately something new and im loving it gosh wear can i get the clothe hahaa

  66. kristian Loren says:

    I N C R E D I B L E!!!!!!!!!

  67. Toni says:

    These photos are simply breathtaking! Sessilee is not only
    a dazzling looking face, but a young lady who maintains a
    beautiful and sensitive humility about her.
    In comparing her to the world’s standards of greatness? Sessilee
    shines brighter than any star known out there!

    I know great and wonderful things are in store for her!
    We’re so proud to know you.
    Many blessings to you sweetheart!

    BJ’s mom:-)

  68. Toni Korpineva says:

    It’s just great that full family seems to be here supporting the young talented
    model! And it’s time to find all different faces for the industry, and it’s
    wonderful that the top photographers are leading this new wave.

    Wait to see more! Show season + campaigns…

  69. Renaldo Barnette says:

    Hi Wayne,
    It’s Renaldo! We met when you were casting Kai Milla. Just wanted to say how much I
    reading your posting on models.com. I know I’m a bit late on this post but, this layout
    is one for the history books! Not, just because it was the “Black Issue” but because it
    was a “GREAT ISSUE that happened to feature Black Models. Hope to see you soon!

  70. anen says:

    wow she looks blasian interesting look

  71. Bobbi says:

    i love this girl
    she’s going to be an icon

  72. 4u says:

    Just realized that the Kristian Loren poster is Sessilee’s sister. No wonder…

  73. Oleg Igorin says:

    One of my favourite.

  74. Anonymous says:

    specialty very consistent.

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