Sessilee: A Major Moment!

Sessilee/Major Model Management. Ph: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia, July 08.

The Cinderella story of the long awaited July Vogue Italia has got to be that of Sessilee Lopez with her turn in this astonishingly beautiful Only Girl edit shot by Meisel. The rigor and dedication, the finely tuned detailing of the lighting, hair, makeup and styling, and finally the emotional investment evident in these photographs is literally a case of a gorgeous girl finally getting the chance to show her stuff. You can almost feel that everybody in the room, and most certainly Sessilee KNEW that this shoot was a moment. Here is an exclusive look at the full edit as well as Sessilee’s cover and single color portrait.

Fashion editor: Karl Templer, makeup: Pat McGrath.

  1. Simply amazing! Sessilee looks stunning.
    I want to see her face in more magazines please!!!

  2. what a remarkable face.
    i love the versatility in each shoot,
    and wish that high profile magazines would feature more women of color on their covers.

  3. Sessilee Lopez is stunning. Bold glamour, audacious charm. This is a major moment!

  4. I like this model–she can do anything and look amazing whether it’s traditional high glamour or avante garde chic.!

  5. Sessilee and Steven – what magic! She looks superbe! Sessilee
    Lopez looks like a DREAM! I bet Carine Roitfeld is thinking,
    I should’ve done this FIRST!!!! This is just the beginning for
    Madamoiselle Lopez, her look is so chameleon. She has that
    mercurial ability to look like atleast half a dozen different
    nationalities and she can look like a beautiful hyrbid of them as
    well. That’s important in this business! Bravo to Zac Posen for
    casting her in his shows, good foresight!

    Girl, just wait for all those contracts to sign you up…they are
    just lining up outside your door…any second now!

    SESSILEE U R SENSATIONAL! You should thank your F A B U L O U S
    Krissy for being such a SUPER SUPPORT and CHEERLEADER!!!!

  6. i love her look and she so beautiful!!!!! it deffinately something new and im loving it gosh wear can i get the clothe hahaa

  7. These photos are simply breathtaking! Sessilee is not only
    a dazzling looking face, but a young lady who maintains a
    beautiful and sensitive humility about her.
    In comparing her to the world’s standards of greatness? Sessilee
    shines brighter than any star known out there!

    I know great and wonderful things are in store for her!
    We’re so proud to know you.
    Many blessings to you sweetheart!

    BJ’s mom:-)

  8. It’s just great that full family seems to be here supporting the young talented
    model! And it’s time to find all different faces for the industry, and it’s
    wonderful that the top photographers are leading this new wave.

    Wait to see more! Show season + campaigns…

  9. Hi Wayne,
    It’s Renaldo! We met when you were casting Kai Milla. Just wanted to say how much I
    reading your posting on I know I’m a bit late on this post but, this layout
    is one for the history books! Not, just because it was the “Black Issue” but because it
    was a “GREAT ISSUE that happened to feature Black Models. Hope to see you soon!

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