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January 21st, 2011 by Janelle | Girls, Model News, Model Style
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Fei Fei wears a chic camel coat by Burberry

With her effervescent personality and one of a kind look, Fei Fei Sun has become one of the most coveted girls of the moment. Her face can be seen in the pages of fashion bibles like Vogue Italia, V and i-D, but when she isn’t bringing designer creations to life, Fei Fei is just a normal girl who loves shopping, traveling and learning more about her new hometown.

MDC: I know you’ve been in New York for 6 months, how has it been for you so far?:

Fei Fei: Amazing! New York is a very crazy city and a new home for me. This is my first time in New York, and everything for me is new. I’m still learning everything, like how to go to the subways and supermarkets, my new agency here. When I’m working, I’m meeting new friends, and learning about the new everything with New York, good shops and good restaurants, and which food is New York people’s favorite. I’m learning that the New York City feeling is a lot like Shanghai, very young.

MDC: What do you like when you’re shopping?

Fei Fei: I like simple clothes in simple colors; white, black, with just a little color here and there. I like going to Topshop, H+M, Zara because it is nice and cheap, and sometimes Barneys for really nice bags and nice shoes. I like clothes with clean shapes. It is fun going to vintage shops with my friends, but I feel like I know very little, I’m still learning about fashion.

MDC: Have you had any really fun experiences modeling recently?

Fei Fei: Modeling for me is such a crazy thing. In New York, everyday I can feel new things coming into my life. I really enjoying working with many different teams, with make up and hair, stylists, and photographers. The people are always very nice and friendly and funny. They’re always full of great ideas. My favorite thing has been changing my eyebrow color and playing with different eyeshadow colors, especially greens, yellows, and other bright colors. I really like the feeling of spring.

Jeans – Zara, Coat –Burberry, Bag – Proenza Schouler

Close up of Fei Fei’s chic PS1 and boots by Celine

All photos Betty and Janelle for models.com.

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  1. Nádia says:

    Seems like a very down to earth girl!

    Love her easy style, those boots are gorgeous! Love the sole!


  2. anlabe says:

    I like her very much, my favorite asian model for sure.
    Isn’t it a good idea for her to take over Rose Cordero’s spot? Would be fair to me…

  3. M says:

    I think Fei Fei is so amazing and beautiful. She’s a great model.

  4. Jie Loong says:


  5. carola says:

    Incredibly beautiful, really one of the best faces.

  6. YY says:

    good for her :) i never get sick of her face

  7. Jimmy says:

    I love the whole look. Good for her.


  8. Nandos says:

    I love her look so much!

  9. styleplusplus says:

    one of my favorites. hope to see lots of her next fashion week.

  10. GP says:

    She is a doll! It seems all the Asian models love shopping)

  11. bamboo banga says:


  12. ann says:

    i love models.com but the word effervescent is used here so often that it’s actually devaluing the meaning of the word.

  13. postitgirl says:

    She can definitely give some of the western models a run for their money.

    GP, you wrote, “It seems all the Asian models love shopping”. Uh, I think all models and females in general like to shop.

  14. mylees says:

    thats one outstanding chinese model

  15. Podestá says:

    My favourite asian model so far.

  16. Queni says:



  17. Antonio Barros says:
  18. acin says:

    she’s one of my favorite asian model

  19. baopao says:

    she’s very expressive

  20. karol says:

    I loved her style, classic but modern at same time!


  21. ChanceSwan says:

    Oh my FeiFei,I can hardly describe my love of you.

    You are always my No.1

  22. consulia says:

    love her style

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