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June 22nd, 2010 by wayne | Model News
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Mariana/Next Models NY Digital courtesy of Next NY

Clients are already buzzing about Mariana, the 17 year old newcomer at Next NY who represents a rare alignment of runway body, beauty contract face and sheer editorial presence. Brazil just won’t stop!

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  1. Podestá says:

    Go Brasil!

  2. omg says:

    i love the whole shape of her body
    work it mamie

  3. carola says:

    Pretty, but looks like other models.. Thought of Mariana Weickert when I read “Mariana”, what happened to her career?? I think she’s still modeling in Brazil, but some years ago she was really hot, suddenly her career went cold.. it was too sudden, imo.

  4. wester says:

    she is so commercial

  5. Borba says:

    OMG!!! I just saw her book on modelwire!!! This girl is incredible!!! She can be gorgeous in some pictures and very editorial and strong in others!!! I am sure she’ll be a star, first season. Love her!

  6. gav says:

    She’s gorgeous.

  7. Edson Rosa Brise says:

    Carola — The model Mariana Weickert became hostess of tv here in Brazil

  8. Luciano A. says:

    Marianne is incredible and represents the beauty of the Brazilian woman and has sexyapple bahian women.

    Go Mariana !

  9. Baby C says:


  10. Simon says:

    She is incredible!

  11. MARILYN says:


  12. D. says:

    Fernanda Tavares’s little sister..?

  13. stacey says:


  14. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    Viva la Brazil! Lovely model, Brazillian woman are extraordinary, great discovery – great new face here – http://www.TheHollywoodSentinel.com

  15. modelsandstyle says:

    omg she is damn beautiful…what a face!!http://modelsandstyle.wordpress.com/

  16. Bruno says:

    Mariana Weickert is now a reporter for a weekly TV fashion show. She´s is doing great.

  17. erica says:

    aww…she looks so sweet. breath of fresh air yet slightly exotic. i like.

  18. JT says:

    The best girl to come from Brasil since Isabeli without a doubt.

  19. Elley says:

    oh my god.. she is sooo great !

  20. wendy-kristy says:
  21. Sandra Carrilho says:

    She is really gorgeous! Without doubt, she will be successful in her career.

  22. Isabela Dantas says:

    minha amiga é muito linda mesmo! sucessooo!

  23. Hostess InGlamour says:

    hoooot, nice

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