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Julia Nobis. Image courtesy of Elite NY

The elegance Ms Nobis brought to the runways via her Calvin Klein exclusive in New York, her turns for Prada and Dolce and her presence at Dries van Noten, Rick Owens, Celine, Valentino, Vuitton and Miu Miu immediately marks her off a key editorial proposition. Attention now turns from the runways to the magazines and campaigns and Julia’s unique almost painterly  beauty is sure to deliver a distinctive image. As the 2nd Elite girl this season to land Top 10 Newcomer, indications are clear that Ms Nobis is in the right place at the right time. Stay tuned.

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  1. All about Models says:

    Julia was definitely one of the biggest surprise during the shows. She’s fresh, unusual and has a quite pretty look

  2. Mango says:

    I like her

  3. Arkadius says:

    She is pretty, but she looks boring.

  4. Seona says:

    LOVE HER! No jokes, No lies. This girl is amazing. Well done ELITE.

  5. zanita says:

    I know Julia – she has such an original personality. So refreshing!

  6. Erika says:

    Pretty, but no “It-Factor” in this girl. Bland


    haha, she’s cute! Julia lives (or used to anyways)like 3 suburbs away from me ;)

  8. henry says:

    hey Limuel.

    You are an idiot and a creep. You are that guy who thinks he is a great photographer, but really you just take dirty/bad snaps of ugly chicks. stick to what you know.. Club photography!

    ps. Julia Nobis is outstanding.

  9. betty says:

    I’m not sure if you’re basing this “it” factor on just the polaroid or not. The thing is, in person, Julia is a firecracker, that’s makes a girl have the “it” factor nowadays. There are millions of pretty girls and boys out there. What differentiates the “it” girls/boys are the actual personalities. I met Ashton Kutcher and Gisele when they first started, their personalities are what separated them from the rest of the pack.. And the rest is history.


  10. ruffruff says:

    Erika is jumping to a pretty major conclusion to judge a girls ‘it-factor’ on one polaroid!

    I have worked with Julia and yes Betty, she is a firecracker – she will be huge. If thats what she wants…

  11. kerry says:

    I saw some amazing shots of Julia Nobis on this website,
    She is classic beauty who I think will be around for a long time.

  12. Paz says:

    I bumped into her a few weeks ago and she has a lovely personality and is very sweet.I wish her well but don’t see anything overly special about her other than she is a bit off beat IMHO. Im not sure if she will go far but do wish her the best. Personally I think she should be with an editorial agency that may be able to direct her better.Her nose bothers me but ya never know.

  13. Adrianito says:

    Carla Gebhart is %100 best

  14. Sammy says:

    Julia just shot with Derek Henderson for an amazing NZ magazine called PILOT…

  15. Francis says:

    I have to say it’s not the best photo of her, she was in british vogue recently and she looked absolutely amazing she has such very interesting lips, so i wouldn’t rule her out as an ‘it-girl’ as she has very definging features.

  16. Francis says:

    defining i meant, not defigning.

  17. Izzy says:

    I love her I think, she looks fresh young and modern. I see a bright future!

  18. Stephen says:

    Julia Nobis is beautiful, an exquisite look, and she looks best with little or no make-up. She’s one of the best models around.

  19. Stephen says:

    Julia Nobis (Australia) is number 1. in rank among the best world models. Jessica Stam (Canada) is runner-up.

  20. Rencontrea says:

    Une beauté pas commune…

  21. creameet says:

    Vraiment belle. Une beauté naturelle pour cette jolie demoiselle ;)

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