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February 11th, 2010 by Janelle | Fashion Week, Industry News
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Alexander McQueen

As much as fashion is a business, the true power of our industry lies in its ability to inspire an audience, no designer understood this better than Alexander McQueen. His flawlessly tailored work and his theatrical shows, managed to innovate as well as captivate: even the most jaded fashion follower stood up and took notice of what McQueen did each season. His work was unique, daring and instantly iconic, in the wake of his tragic death, it is more important than ever to remember his groundbreaking and visionary contributions to the world of fashion. We ask MDC readers to share their favorite McQueen memories here.

McQueen S/S 2008

Spring / Summer 2008

Spring 2010

Spring / Summer 2010

Fall 2009

Fall / Winter 2009

Spring / Summer 2005

Spring / Summer 2005

Fall / Winter 2006

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  1. sosad says:

    You have to post a pic of Shalom getting painted at the end of the runway. That is the quintessential McQueen moment.

  2. Antonio Barros says:
  3. Ed says:

    RIP Alexander Mcqueen

  4. Samira says:

    That is one of the saddest things, that happened. I read this today and was totally shocked. RIP Alexander. He has done super works. Does someone know if the school will still be showed in Paris ?

  5. Willy says:

    Lee Mcqueen is one of the real talented fashion designer..
    Alexander McQueen ss08 show was the first ever fashion show I watched…
    He is truly an inspiration…
    I will be missing his designs and those amazing garments..
    Thank you McQueen for bring such impact to the fashion industry and the world

    RIP Lee McQueen

  6. stace says:

    Unbelievable news.

  7. Balint says:

    R.I.P he was an artist !!!!

  8. artwing says:
  9. Lasher says:

    so sad……we’ll all miss his talent

  10. kc says:

    this is truly sad and shocking! a true loss for the industry! RIP

  11. jin woo Pyo says:

    I can’t believe it. rest in peace..

  12. Robert says:

    He had the b*lls to go out on a limb and face ridicule. It didn’t work out that way! Sadly, his vision is now history.

  13. jeremydante says:

    i cannot begin to explain the gap now left in the evolution of fashion.
    this is, without a doubt, an insurmountable loss to our creative community.

  14. Blamo says:

    I fell in love with fashion because of the “Oyster Dress” it was my “Ah…” moment.

  15. STYLE101 says:

    I feel like I was literally JUST at his show in March of ’09, for the F/W ’09 collection. I was attending with a dear friend and it was my very FIRST time ever in Paris AND at a McQueen show… the stock-pile of his collectibles in the middle of the floor and the clothes were awe-inspiring. I am BLESSED to have experienced that…

  16. Rama Dimas says:

    Lee McQueen is such a big inspiration. His work is always impeccably stunning, his idea was brilliant and his show had always been full of theatrical drama.
    It is one of the biggest lost in fashion industry.
    May God leads him to heaven.

    Sad, devastating.

    Ps: my heart stopped when I heard the news

  17. CAROLINE says:
  18. Nigel S. says:

    May he rest in peaces always…

    I’m terribly stunned to say the least.

    No more amazing McQueen shows a la the meister himself. A Thought that is so hard to grasp. His ever-present innovation and genius inventiveness stood in a world all on its own.

    One of the very few talents that can create mass hysteria over a methodic shoe. His daring silhouettes, kaleidoscopic prints and willingness to push the envelope into the stratosphere in the way that he did is a feat that will probably go unrepeated.

    Thankfully he was hailed and lauded rightfully as the masterful talent that he was, while he was here! We know that just about anyone can throw together a slew of whacky looks and call it a show, but what McQueen was able to do was nothing short of genius. Just look at the Fall 2009 collection, one of the strongest collections to be seen anywhere at anytime. Sheer brilliance.

    My favorite McQueen moment is most definitely when he took his bow in the bunny costume at the Spring 2009 RTW showing. It was the funniest and cutest thing. And of course that moment surrounding the holographic Kate Moss gave such a perspective to the McQueen magic.

    The Heavens bless his soul!

  19. Maria says:

    His work are so unique.i dont even know how the fashion world will live without him.His shows were incredible.rest in peace alexander mcqueen <3

  20. Michael says:

    RIP Alexander McQueen

  21. ol says:

    this is surreal. i can’t believe it. RIP.

  22. JStarks says:

    Brightest flames burn quickest…hopefully he’s found peace.

  23. Max Barnett says:

    LONG LIVE MCQUEEN! He is a true icon and will be greatly missed…

    I havs been in love with Mcqueen’s work since his A/W 2006 paris runway show in which he used a hologram of kate moss to close the show.



  24. Ivonna says:

    ONe of the most talented designers ever! I feel like the fashion world will be missing out on all the incredibly gorgeous and awe-inspiring designs he still had left in his very talented soul!!! He will be missed, but we should all be thankful that we were blessed with such a creative man!

  25. Taka says:

    A great friends, a genius and the best. Friends, Family, Fashion and the world will miss you.
    RIP Alexander Mcqueen you will be missed. love love love YOU

  26. LOIC says:


  27. Neo says:

    He has always been a personal favorite and was more than simply instrumental in my development as a teenager obsessing over the creative minds within the fashion industry. He will be greatly missed for his limitless genius and incomparible contribution to the world he’s now left behind. RIP

  28. Marc says:

    Saddest news in a long time…
    He was a genious! big loss! :(

    G O D S A V E M c Q U E E N !

  29. Shin says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I read the news today! He’s so young! I love how he pushed the boundaries and always challenge himeself every season. His designs are out of this world and unforgettable! I will surely miss him!

  30. Licho says:

    Definitivamente ese día va a marcar un antes y un después en la moda. Gracias Mcqueen por haberme enamorado de tu mundo y haberme hecho ver que la ropa era más que una simple vestimenta, era arte en tus manos.

  31. Shin says:


  32. iwillbethere says:

    That’s SUPER sad. :(

  33. chance says:

    Alexander McQueen always the one to inspire, push the limit and event new beauty. Fall 2008 is the one that i remember the most..romantic, dark and dreamy. RIP alexander mcqueen

  34. Laila says:

    I’m horribly shocked, and stunned. What a horrible loss. He was a true icon, and a ground-breaking designer. I can’t believe it, he held some of the most amazing shows (the hologram ending of Kate Moss, who could forget!), a true true visionaire, the fashion industry has lost an INCREDIBLY huge influence today. McQueen was one of my all-time favorites, I am crushed.

  35. Marus says:

    I am still in shocked right now. I can’t believe this is happening. He is one amazing talented fashion designer and I will never forget about his collections. RIP

  36. ROWLF says:

    I was literally breathless when i read the news this morning, such a tragic loss. However, hIs ss/10 Plato’s Atlantis was a sublime note to end on. It was the perfect example of his unique ability to fuse couture artistry and abstraction into a refined rtw collection. I wonder what will become of his label? Creativity like that is irreplaceable.

  37. Luis says:

    He was one of the best of the best and will truly and undeniably be missed. No one can ever be compared to such a dynamic and extraordinary designer who can captivate the world by combining fashion, music, and art together. His crafts were truly one of a kind, just as he was. His favorite shows of mine were Fall/Winter 2006 with the holographic Kate Moss. The music during the holograph was beautiful along with the dress (and the entire collection). The show was a complete work of art. I don’t think anyone will ever forget Spring/Summer 2010. Very creative and couture. The colors, fabrics, and a moment of unstoppable history…the shoes. His work and visions will never be forgotten.

    R.I.P Alexander McQueen

  38. FF says:

    I’m really really moved, I wasn’t a big fan of Alexander McQueen, but I do have to admit the incredible creative potential he had, my favorite colection was the fw 2008 specailly that red dress with feathers, I think daria wore it in an american vbogue editorial,fashion world has missed one of the biggest figure today, however his work will never die. RIP Alexander McQueen

  39. justin says:

    Just yesterday i was watching all the McQueen shows and thinking that he was such a wonderful artist and was able to inspire everyone.

    R.I.P- Lee McQueen

  40. nat says:

    so sad

  41. Debby says:

    YEAH BABY to much cry in the fashion industry world right now
    i love u McQueen u r the best their will ever be
    he an beautiful angel now
    love peace

  42. sephoria says:

    r.i.p he was also a very down to earth guy, don’t know what happened but they say the good always die young. r.i.p

  43. Eamon says:

    So sad. He should have grown old.


  44. marvoi says:

    he will continue to be an inspiration.

  45. nais says:

    oh my godness. he was/is a genius. we will miss him so much. rest in peace,revolutioniser <3

  46. phi tran says:

    ……………….wa…wa….wat???? this is not real….i cant believe it…i look up to him more than any designers and will forever do so….HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? HOW CAN A PERSON WITH A MIND THAT ABSTRACT LEAVE LIKE THIS??? …HOW DID HE DIE???

  47. phi says:

    wtf?? i just found out he commited suicide….y y y y ???? the fashion world will suffer on a great scale due to the loss of this legend

  48. Backless says:

    amazing man.

  49. zhim says:

    I’m so hurt,I love this designer,Remembering Alexander McQueen …

  50. amelie says:

    I can not believe~~~.
    He’s such a charming designer.

  51. NetBine1 says:

    McQueen was the very first designer to inspire me, even back in 1995, when Naomi went down the runway with golden horns on her head… it was groundbreaking. I think we will never fully realize the extent of the impact he had on art, neither our loss.

  52. Man says:


    so sad…

  53. RICCARDO says:


  54. jaime says:

    A true fashion god that mankind has and will ever see; with his insanely unique mind he showed = we watched, he taught= we learned. r.i.p. Lee Alexander McQueen

  55. yuichi says:

    Lee, you will never be forgotten :( RIP Lee Alexander McQueen :(

  56. International Man of Fashion says:

    I’m shattered just shattered. Opening a bottle of Petrus in your honor. I’ll miss you my petal

  57. shiraz says:


  58. devon says:

    sweet peace baby, thanks for all you did for fashion. watch over us.

    much love!

  59. AuroraCrowley says:

    As for many If there was one designer in the world I had to choose who was most inspiring it is McQueen. RIP
    Love and Light!

  60. Kahlen says:

    I deem that the death of Mcqueen is a big lost of the fashion world. He had created so many things which is impossible.

  61. Oshcar says:

    R.I.P. Sir McQueen.

  62. AMRIT RAJ BORA says:


  63. leoon says:

    je suis si triste! RIP McQueen!

  64. Parker Pembroke-Lloyd says:

    This is very tragic news indeed, a great loss for all of us.
    His talent and craft were beyond design or mere seasonal fashion. It was Art from a genius.
    Rest In Eternal Peace, Lee Alexander McQueen.

  65. Dabow says:

    R.I.P Alexander McQueen.You will be remembered forever.
    For me, the work of F/W 09 is “the best” collection in our time.
    And i will never forget. YOU ARE A TRUE GENIUS.
    THANK YOU !! McQueen.

  66. Mcqueen_rules says:

    it’s heart-broken to hear one of my most admired design genius die….i was hoping to attend his show and meet him in person someday, well now it’ll forever be a dream…..RIP Lee the fashion world will miss you forever!!!!

  67. Deivid says:

    Alexander McQueen meus Deus não acreditei quando soube que o mago havia morrido, a moda está de luto e acabamos de perder um criador insubistituível…
    Fica aqui nossa admiração pelo seu trabalho muito bem realizado.

  68. Alena says:

    he is a legend. we will never forget the amazing things he brought us.

  69. ModelWatch says:

    Rest in Peace, Lee McQueen!

  70. Gustavo Magnago says:
  71. elisa says:

    Solo coloro che sono abbastanza folli da pensare di poter cambiare il mondo lo cambiano davvero” Einstain A. good by alexander

  72. JeSuisDutchILoveMuch says:

    I really admired his theatrical aspacts. We miss him.
    Love to Lee McQueen

  73. paul says:


  74. Keith Bailey says:

    One of the highlights of the year for me were the Alexander McQueen fashion shows. To think that we will no longer see his genius on the runway is tragic. The world is diminished by the loss of his talent. Goodbye Lee. Hope you find peace in the land you have traveled to. You will be missed by so many.

  75. Angelo says:

    rest in peace i hope you happy now.

  76. Andrew says:

    Such a significant loss. It’s very, very hard to believe. RIP, Lee. You were, and always will be, a genius.

  77. Ali G. says:

    What an AMAZING talent!!! Artistry to the MAX!! He is gone and will be sorely missed. Lee McQueen R.I.P.

  78. VRILL DOX says:

    His show when it rained, may its memory wash my tears away

  79. simon says:

    repose in peace mister mcqueen , i think you was one of the best designer of the world oh fashion , love u so much …

  80. Koren says:

    He is genius of british designers ever…
    His collection had inspired people all the time.
    His is not just selling fashion.

    We love you.

    RIP Alexander McQueen.

  81. daan says:

    rest in peace lee

  82. Ivona says:

    He truly was an artist..Always so unique…
    I loved his shows!!Summer 2010 is brilliant..I love the space shoes.Amazing job!
    Rest in peace Alexander,we will always remmember you,and how original you were!

  83. Santa says:

    what he did was a real art.<3

  84. SYW says:

    Unlike a lot of people here (I assume), I’m not an avid follower of fashion. Clothes are clothes in my opinion. But his dresses made me feel something. I wish I could be more eloquent, but I’m in shock and I don’t know why his death affects me as much as it does. So I’ll leave behind a quote that sums up what his work meant for me: “…not the sad memories of old age, but poetic, youthful ones – those impressions of one’s most distant past in which dreams and realities blend – and they laughed with quiet enjoyment.”

    Rest in peace Mr.Mcqueen. As many have stated before me, you were not merely a designer, but an artist.

  85. Tom says:

    Spring Summer 2005 – The Most entertaining show of the decade, undoubtedly.

    He made his whole work repertoire a show. Continually finding ways to reach & entertain an audience, who would think upon & be inspired by the fashionable production of his work over the years.

    Rest In Peace – to the tragic loss of a modern industrialist hero – Alexander McQueen.

  86. andre vasselle says:

    O M G

  87. ShanilaB says:

    Heard you got your set of wings today…open them up and fly away. RIP

  88. piwi says:

    RIP McQueen. A truly creative force I will miss it so much.

  89. Bernice Ng says:

    all i remember about Alex is his gorgeous fashion show.
    his design is just chic and funny!

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