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They are here, the next generation of male modeling’s faces. MDC visited the agencies and got a peek at them. You’ll see the newbies of course but also some familiar faces who are here for their first big NY season. Here’s our first series of quick clips of Ford Models, Fusion Models, Request Models and Wilhelmina‘s brightest new hopes. Welcome to New York. guys!

[flashvideo image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/ford.jpg filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/ford.mov width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=10 /]

[flashvideo image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/fusioncover.jpg filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/fusion.mov width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=10 /]

[flashvideo image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/request.jpg filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/request.mov width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=10 /]

[flashvideo image=http://i.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/will2.jpg filename=http://v.models.com/oftheminute/images/2010/02/wilhelmina.mov width=600 height=450 controlbar=over bufferlength=10 /]

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  1. stacey says:

    this is so nice! like Albert, Paolo, Johnny, Collin, Robert, Berthold, Grayson!

    Such lovely boys!

  2. embee says:

    Ford guys are beautiful! Francisco’s voice & aura are amazing… and he’s hot too :) & oh Antonio Navas… he makes my heart smile! He’s gorgeous.

  3. Lori says:

    LOL @ the Wilhelmina background noise! I do really love Matthew in that video though.

  4. Mat says:

    Is someone getting yelled at at Wilhelmina??? lol

  5. Kat says:

    Matthew Hitt is just lovely! But why is Jonas Kesseler not with the Wilhelmina boys, is he not doing NY FW? He has just one of the most extraordinary faces ever! Also very much looking forward to seeing Charlie Westerberg on video! He is just one heck of a cool dude, and that at such a young age.

  6. Anonymous says:

    dang so none of these guys have a body to match the face? i’m assuming if you have a Sim-like face with an Adonis-like build then your already ahead of the competition? Anyone agree?

  7. Alena says:

    matthew hitt is so lovely&handsome&charming :)

  8. fashionlover says:

    You boys are AMMMMMazing :D

  9. jluc says:

    The guys look great, but those who are Asian-looking caught my interest. And yes, this proved that the charm of the Brazilians never fail.

  10. Calvin says:

    Yup it’s official. When I’m on my death bed, I want some of these on loop! Haha.


  11. ellou says:

    ford and wilhelmina guys are gorgeous

  12. greu says:

    Oh wow, Francisco’s deep voice is unexpected from one with such a pristine face!!!

    A spectacular collection of new faces!

  13. kiki says:

    Ford and Wilhelmina is where it’s at! Francisco, Max and Antonio, hello! Please do this more often betty.

  14. Laila says:

    Wilhelmina boys all the way!

  15. prusia says:

    usa boys.. not so good looking…

  16. mike says:

    The fusion guys are so original looking and look very high fashion!!
    the wilhelmina video lighting is so dark.. they should of done it by a window..

  17. loveFASHION says:

    those fusion boys OMG!!! loooove it

  18. legz says:

    Loving the line up at fusion- unique and different new faces..Ford have a nice line up also – fellas betta work!

  19. Sarah says:

    matt hitt is my new male model obsession XD love his wooyoungmi campaign <3

  20. Erwin says:

    If I were Christopher Bailey, Alberto from Denmark (Fusion man) would open my show.

  21. Anonymous says:

    A few of these guys are decent but these agencies need to step up their scouting especially in the US!

  22. Jimmy says:

    Like Robert from Queens at RMM, and Roberto from Fusion Men, too sexy…


  23. Jimmy says:

    Like all of them, especially Roberto from Fusion Men and Robert from Queens, so hot.


  24. Marcus says:

    some of these guys are waaay fukn skinny lolz.

  25. nena says:

    Francisco Lachowski from Ford men is a cutie

  26. sacha says:

    brazilian max and francisco really got it !!! but antonio navas is really not handsome at all … too clasic and empty (in my opinion of course )
    but great videos ;)

  27. Marilyn says:

    Like the Ford boys

  28. liz says:

    Fusion and wilhimenia both have some great looks, robert from request is great, not loving ford though

  29. babyface says:

    people remember that most of these guys are new faces or in there first season. Its an introduction of potentials at these agencies.
    Ford, Request, Major usually have a handful every season whereas the starter ones like Fusion have some, once in a while and what happened to their womans board are they still around?

  30. fee says:

    ahh matthew hitt is amazing

  31. Elvire says:

    Francisco from Brazil mhhh yes! – Goshh forget about the rest “CLONES” too skinny, too young, no charism… I know it can be taught but they can’t even walk, no attitude at all…GOOD LUCK, guys.

  32. Miranda says:

    I love Paul Bosche~~

  33. Taylor James says:

    I love when boys say America instead of their city! haha

  34. Vicky says:

    Tony Thornburg at Fushion is the most unique! His Scandinavian/Asian look is sooo amazing! He has the best of both nationalities! Good Luck Tony!

  35. Aimee says:

    Tony from Fusion has lots of potential and a great look in his eyes. His features are different from anyone around. James Roffey is a good bet, These guys will do great. Good luck!

  36. melissa says:

    swoooooon! these boys are all amazing!! xx

  37. ModelWatch says:

    Go go go Ford!!!

  38. Leo says:

    oh my , so many good looking guys . but also some strange ones – why are the ones from germany so weird ?? doesn’t make my country seem to be cool . well ,unfortunately it really isn’t :D
    I love watching the casting videos, they’re the best . Also it’s very interesting at first to guess where they come from and after a while you really can mostly see their homecountry because of style,face…

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