Why Not Model Management

image courtesy JOY
Daily Duo

Barbara burst onto the fashion scene from outta nowhere.

image courtesy New Fashion Generation
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This joker has a serious side.

image courtesy Model Plus
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Iwan was discovered after slamming a door inside a post office.

image courtesy Hollywood Model Management
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Gisele’s breakthrough moment was booking the Louis Vuitton Cruise show in Palm Springs.

image courtesy Boss Models
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Uma Thurman-esque Janke is from the wine region of South Africa.

image courtesy Elite London
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English rose meets enfant terrible – that’s Alice in a nutshell.

image courtesy MAX Models
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Roan got into modelling after girls at school encouraged him.

Nicole / image courtesy Yuli Models
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Nicole was scouted after winning 1st place at a local beauty pageant.

Jordan / image courtesy U Models
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This self-confessed momma’s boy is a complete mitzvah!

Liam / image courtesy Elmer Olsen
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Liam takes male sophistication to a whole ‘nother level

Guillaume / VNY
Model of the Week

A champion boxer, Guillaume Babouin, 21, from Versailles, France, loves reggaeton, the beach, and chaussons aux pommes. He’s the latest newcomer to nab Model of the Week.

Ilco / image courtesy Max Models
Daily Duo

Dutch boy Ilco is a rebel!

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