Viktor & Rolf S/S 11

Posted by stephan | October 5th, 2010

For sheer spectacle it is pretty hard to top Viktor & Rolf; their collections pair technical innovation with pure eye-candy season after season and spring’s offerings are no exception. With illustrator Piet Paris’ abstract creations serving as a backdrop, models strutted down the runway in a series of theatrical looks that showcased V&R’s talent for cutting as well as their flair for drama. Revisiting a favorite motif, via cuffed detailing on dresses and tops, Horsting and Snoeren explored the allure of the classic tailored shirt. The simple wardrobe staple was fringed, folded, worked and re-worked into ornate tops, breezy dresses and of course intricate pieces of the grand finale. In a season where everyone seems to be cutting back and paring down, it is comforting to know that there are still designers who can be counted on for flights of imaginative fancy. The grandiose gowns featured at the tail end of the collection were nothing short of jaw dropping; the pure white and the piles of folds and layers all adding up to the kind of ensembles you usually have to wait until couture to see.
Viktor & Rolf
Spring/Summer 2011

Photos: Stephan Moskovic
Text: Janelle Okwodu

Viktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2011

Stylist: Katie Shillingford
Casting: Andrew Weir for ACW
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Producer: Alexandre de Betak for Bureau Betak

Soundtrack: Billy Idol / White Wedding

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  1. James says:

    both he models and the clothes!

  2. garrett says:

    amazingness. lady gaga will for sure wear one these out somewhere, mark my word. :)

  3. ddddd says:


  4. robson says:


  5. Lauren says:

    Complete genius. I’m dying over the first look, so beautiful!

  6. jusitn says:


  7. model100% says:


  8. Joal says:

    I love the cuffs. Victor & Rolf pulled it off. I love Alek. She’s amazing.

  9. Alo Joks says:

    Oh how i would have loved to shoot theese clothes down, in a figure of speach off course. So that noone else could shoot them after me, cause I shot them to good. Or maybe just cause of the fact that they are so fascinating, that they would make any attempt to shoot them, interesting enough to view at a large scale in a gallery.

  10. Oka Doka says:

    the last dress looks like wedding dress for lady Gaga))))

  11. Vincent DaMon says:

    Welcome Back F.A.S.H.I.O.N ! What creativity and conception.

    Bravo, Bravo

  12. Vitor Mariano says:

    It´s impressive!

    love, love, love!

  13. Irina says:


  14. Hollywood Sentinel says:

    Victor & Rolf prove that the fools who say ‘there is nothing new under the sun’ need to disappear… Their work does here, along with a small number of other designers, advance fashion to the heights of its past- true art, beauty, and grace. Amazing fashions, beautiful models, cool art, and great photography by Stephan. Bravo!

  15. Daniel Domika says:


    Daniel Domika hair end make up artist

  16. Michael S James says:

    Wow, I would love to be there to shoot those models and clothes! V & R had some exquisite looks!

  17. sabi. says:

    wow! I’m blown away! :O

  18. grace says:

    amazing ?i think its stupid .,who is gonna buy that ?who is gonna wear such a thing ?is that a evening thing or afternoon clothes ?:s ieuw

  19. malvi says:

    I love these schoes, PERFECT!
    and the dresses, just WOW!

  20. christopher sims says:

    AMAZING!!!!! What else can i say. Speechless… xxx

  21. christopher sims says:


  22. search for Christopher Croser in myspace says:

    I like candy min skirts sexy legs,I like silky sentual lacey material on the lady’s, stiletto’s girls your all stars in star letos, eligant danty toe’s & prity pink lips

  23. Karine says:

    Absolutely fantastic
    This is uber-gorgeous omg

  24. ebencipe says:

    OMG…. sooo avanmtgarde.. good to vsee alek wek ;)

    @OKA doka: SOOo agree.. dat is soo made for ms. gaga ;)

  25. Song says:


  26. Jussi says:


  27. gladys kutakuta says:

    Amazing!!it’s just wouah i can’t find a word to call it!!Amazing!!

  28. Alessia says:

    Speechless. Amazing. Love love love. So creative, so BEAUTIFUL, so conceptual… I want that to be my wedding dress!!!

  29. MATT says:

    Great show.

    It was styled by katie shillingford

  30. Clara Copley says:


  31. Style Blvd says:

    WOW i’ve just been blown away

  32. pawan says:


  33. Cathi P says:

    I absolutely love it!!
    It’s an amazing collection, full of beautiful cuts, shapes and art!!

  34. awayoyo says:

    yeah,Lady Gaga is sure to wear them

  35. The Refined Savage says:

    Just when I think they’s wearing their smarter than thou on their sleeve (french-cuffed, thank you)too much, they take your breath away with the beauty of their art. Amazing models in the show, too.

  36. Adam says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I didn’t like this collection at first – I can now totally appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  37. gerson lucchesi says:

    i love alec

  38. dileep says:

    i love very much it very good

  39. ARU says:

    I can feel passion to make “art of culture”.

  40. 돼지고기 says:

    It’s amazing!

  41. April Fashionreports says:

    Love the collection
    check my blog

  42. tiiii says:

    GOOOSH. I want those dresses! And I totally agree with some of you: when I looked at the pictures, Gaga came up in my mind, somehow… ;>

  43. zhangyu says:


  44. 黄腾 says:


  45. Anne says:


  46. Yujing Wang says:

    Love Frida!!amazing!

  47. Lucy says:

    People you got the wrong singer Lady Gaga wasnt the first to wear it Katy Perry did in her music video E.T. when i saw it i knew it was this dress!

  48. Sally Hong says:

    Amazing!! I’m totally inspired by these, I love the clothes!!

  49. david says:

    wonderful. i love all d collection

  50. Chaeun Rachel K says:

    amazing… just WOW!!

  51. equalitee says:

    messed up they gave the ugliest peice for the black model to wear…

  52. Blake Jeong says:

    So impressive

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