Sean: A Day In The Life

Posted by janelle | September 23rd, 2011

Experience fashion week through the eyes of the brand new number one male model in the world. Photographer Shannon Sinclair follows Sean O’Pry to castings, fittings and even the gym as he makes his way through the rigors of NYFW. Catch a glimpse of a day in the life of one of fashion’s most fascinating and handsome stars in this MDX exclusive.
Sean O’Pry
A Day In The Life

Photos: Shannon Sinclair for
Text: Janelle Okwodu

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  1. Michael Chan says:

    Oh wow…he’s gorgeous

  2. Eliz says:

    nice images but im sort off sick of him becoming to be same images/expressiones

  3. MOM says:

    That is my baby!!!

  4. Carlos Zepeda says:

    Very well deserved indeed. He was aiming for the #1 spot since he started.I’m so proud of Sean and all of his work.

  5. michael says:

    It’s about time someone ended Burptiste’s reign of terror. It should have been Clement, but kudos for Sean. He’s absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Daniel CA says:

    he´s so hot, i love him, :)

  7. See Like Me says:

    hahah burptiste. i think seb sauve should be ousting him soon enough.

  8. TeeVanity says:

    OMG that’s my boy, I am so happy and proud of him, this is beyond!!! Aww MOM, I am so happy for you boy, we talked about you the other day at Perry Ellis!!!! He’s deserving!!!!

  9. Susan says:

    Mom…you should be proud! He is adorable. Congrats on all of his success. Does he have a girlfriend or significant other lol? My daughter is also a model and just starting out. So proud as well! Good luck Sean! (My favorite name, sons name)

  10. Gabrihel says:

    Baptiste became an Icon :O!!!! At only 21 y old . Congrat Sean!!!

  11. melfes says:

    all this time was worth waiting!

  12. Lupe W says:

    Yup,he’s a doll. Sooo sexy, suave, sensuous ooooo… Good work Shannon

  13. jane says:

    janelle, u guys should have made an accompanying video.its always nice to hear models talk,especially the male ones =D

  14. Gerard says:

    FINALLY! So happy

  15. Hsien says:

    he is my BABY!!!If I could be the photographer,I will just stay in his room and his bed all day!!!

  16. Jermaine says:

    I prefer Clement or Simon to move to #1.

  17. Rian says:

    WTF Baptiste became an ICON and Matthias Lauridsen was removed from the ICONS?

  18. cindy says:

    I would put Clement as #1 too but Sean is still great.

  19. Keke says:

    Sean’s 1st and Simon’s 2nd
    Awesome! Congrats to both models they’re amazing :)

  20. miguel says:

    Not especial at all,already there is no TOP MODELS as in the decade of the nineties.

  21. 小韩 says:


  22. JM says:

    I really like Sean and im really happy for him!!

    But Baptiste in n1 and now an icon…thats just stupid he does nothing more than Chanel and he is not an icon and no one likes him (well Karl likes) i think someone pays to to have Baptiste in the icons…

    Great for you SEAN!!

  23. jd says:

    Sean should have been at number one all this time

  24. Mickeymark says:

    WOW!!!!! he’s AWESOME!!!!!! My Idol!!! :)))

  25. Robert says:

    Props Sean-O!

  26. Robert says:

    But watch yer back! Simons’s coming up hard behind you ;-)

  27. Santiago says:

    OMG, what a gorgeous man!!! Just Perfect

  28. Jay says:


  29. jane says:

    my exact sentiments,JM.I think Baptiste is more of a muse than a professional model and that position should go to Jon k who has a far more diverse portfolio imo.
    And at Jermaine,clement may be having a moment NOW but Sean has been consistent since DAY ONE and that has to count for something.

  30. joseph says:

    hahahaa simon doesnt even need to do shows anymore hes that much better than sean

  31. Dom says:

    Sean should have been #1 during the time Baptiste was. The #1 male model right now is definitely Clement, but I’m ok with Sean as #1 because at least Baptiste is gone.

  32. Denize says:

    I never understood how Baptiste Giabiconi was number one, existing Sean O’pry and Simon Nessman in the world. Sean is wonderful, but I still prefer Simon, but CONGRATULATIONS SEAN!

  33. Minka says:

    As others have already said, this has been long overdue. Congrats to Sean on being #1!! Although I wonder how being number 1 ranked on this site has any impact in the actual fashion industry…but it’s the recognition that counts I guess! Yay for Sean o!

  34. Hester D. says:

    Finally! I was getting sick of seeing Baptiste as number one, and for what??
    Congrats to #1 and #2!!

  35. Carla says:

    OH MY GOD! He is gooorgeous! What a face!
    I like it!

  36. Daniel Radcliffe says:

    Sean is a beautiful man indeed and definitely deserves a spot in the top 5 for sure, but Simon I feel is much more versatile and much more unique looking, Sean is most eyes and thats really the only thing that stands out as a justfiable pefect man, Simon on the other hand not only being a great model has everything, his bone structure is by far the best in the modeling world his lips his eyes and eyebrow set, everything is just perfect, I feel he deserves the number 1 spot. I look forward to seeing MR, Nessman in the high chair pretty soon.

  37. Alexander says:

    Flawless perfection!

  38. AJ says:

    One of my wishes is to see and talk to Sean O’pry in person at least once in my lifetime! <3 _ <3

  39. Peggy says:

    Oh he’s gorgeous!!! so fucking hot!

  40. Dj London riot says:

    Enough of this Sean, Clement, Simon Nessman. The number one model in the world should be Brittain Ward, his 2006 abercrombie and fitch campaign Is unforgettable, an indelible mark on the world of male modeling in my humble opinion. And to add he just did seventh man and that shot of him looking towards the light is quite good too.

  41. Numberonefan73 says:

    I have to agree with dj London riot, Britian is one of the undiscovered beauty’s that has been in plain sight for way too long.. It’s like the model world is a metaphorical puppy and Britian is a delicious lil bacon treat and for some reason the puppy isn’t biting.. It’s a damn outrage and I hope the puppy doesnt stay hungry much longer!

  42. The Knowledge says:

    2 words.

    ‘Brittain Ward.’

    Actually can I have 4 words?

    ‘Brittain Ward is the best.’

    (Sorry I needed 5 words. I’m really struggling with counting today)

  43. Themaxrodgersexperience says:

    Brittian Ward is so fierce.

  44. Randy Fritts says:

    You guys should see this kid wakeboard. Now that’s a funny picture. Love you man congrats!

  45. Jay says:

    I hope who ever mentioned “BRITTAIN WARD” Is joking! C’mon like seriously? Brittain Ward Vs. Sean O’pry? Sorry but Brittain Ward is not close enough. Keep trying!

  46. Barbara says:


  47. 100%model says:

    Agree with Eliz.
    Love that he still gives great photos.

    “nice images but im sort off sick of him becoming to be same images/expressiones

  48. Lucas says:

    Hes face is just stunning

  49. James Cubby says:

    Great photos. I’d rather see photos of someone experiencing Fashion Week than actually being there myself…unless I’d get to see Sean in person.

  50. Carol says:

    Great model and a beautiful guy

  51. John O'Pry says:

    I have told Sean and now I will tell the world how proud I am of my son. I know how hard he has worked for this and how much time he spends away from family and friends. I have been able to watch him grow and mature over the last few years and I couldn’t be prouder. One thing alot of people would never know is how he has always made time to visit my patients that want to meet him. Sometimes it is really hard to make my patients smile, but he hasn’t met one yet that he couldn’t get a smile or a laugh out of. So I’m not only proud of his ranking but also of the man he has become.

  52. melfes says:

    ↑↑↑lucky to have a son like sean & lucky to have a father like u↑↑↑

  53. brucegisele says:

    I’m soooooo proud of SEAN…. u definitely earned it, n long overdue.. after Tyson Ballou.. i WAS WONDERING who take that place of what my generation currently considers a male supermodel… and being nuMBER 1 UR DEFINITELY DO IT! keep the investments coming… full support over here…from Brazil to Hollywod… baby! go boy!

  54. sheng says:

    having a son looking him must be proud

  55. Hector says:

    a lil upset Baptiste isnt the top model anymore but Sean O’pry deserves it he is an amazing model but still doesnt blow me away like Baptiste :)i love them both and Simon Nessman is going to get it next watch.. Glad Baptiste is an Icon He is Phenomenal!!!

  56. alyal madi says:

    i hate him so much.i try to become a model befor he appeared and i stil unknown am not even start. but this life!.and he desurve his seccuss and am not really hate i just hate that’s he is so much perfect!

  57. Crystal says:

    What a beautiful face!~

  58. RAZIA says:

    WOW!! Iam speech lass. That is wanderful. wow. Can’t wait to get their. Wow. Love it all.

  59. nasir says:

    I like these black and white Pic.

    wish you the best all

  60. mimi says:

    I don’t understan what the bog deal is with this guy

    just kidding

  61. Dinesha says:
  62. Maria says:

    i love him!!!!!!!Appolo!!!!!!!

  63. alejandro says:

    He is really amazing, so gorgeous, and wish he could be better and better.

  64. sam says:

    he is gorgeous, i can look into his eyes forever

  65. salfaridz says:

    He should be number 1 since last 2 years I guess! All the past #1 really deserved the spot except Baptiste. I just dont get it why should be Baptiste. Yeah the next one might be Simon or Clement. But Nils Butler and Nikola deserve too.
    Congrates Sean and Simon I’ve been counting for you guys to top the spot!

  66. Saki says:

    so damn gorgeous!!!! i can’t even…

  67. final fantasy x says:

    If love is a drop, I’ll send you showers;
    If love is a petal, I’ll send you flowers;
    If love is water, I’ll send you the sea;
    If love is a person, I’ll send you me.

  68. HAHA says:


  69. HAHA says:


  70. Michelle says:

    He’s magnificent!

  71. Ramsey says:

    the guy is not hot .. not perfect .. he is just RIGHT for everything .. his look is just more than AMAZING :)

    whats his agency :))) ?

  72. Devon says:


  73. Howdy says:

    Who are the other guys on the fourth picture? in particular the men sitting besides sean? And gawd dayum sean is good looking!!!

  74. sammi joe says:

    omg i cant take it!!!!!

  75. sammi joe says:

    sebastian sauve on the 4th pic
    right hand side

  76. Felix T. says:

    Super dapper! I really love his hair! If anyone can please tell me how to get it!!!

  77. One of the lucky ones says:

    He totally deserves the #1 among all male models, not only cause he is very photogenic of course but because he is such a nice guy! So funny and sweet. He is a total gentleman and very down to earth (at least when I met him in 2010), he never brag about anything money nor fame, he always treated me nicely. Maybe it helped that I didn’t know he was a famous male model lol I wish him the best of luck in his model career and I hope our paths shall meet again one day…when we make our band. He promised me to be the lead guitarist. hehe Thanks for being so nice to me Sean! :)
    The girl with the very big dragon tattoo (and long red hair and tons of piercings) ;)

  78. jonna says:


  79. Alpha says:

    The last photo really hit me!

  80. clem says:

    I love you Sean O’pry !!!
    You are beautiful !!! <3

  81. Virus says:


  82. lana says:

    omg strong and sharp eyes omg looooove it

  83. Hardey Leone says:

    It is not about him or Simon. There are MANY great looking guys who have more sex
    and looks than either of them. Sean is good looking but nothing amazing.
    It is all getting boring!!!

  84. Dan says:

    One of the best looking guys ever, next to David Gandy. The most other male models simply look weird and too unique. Sean is classicaly handsome with some unique features. Same for Gandy, Ballou, Kortajarena. They all look better than the hollywood icons. (And i mean the really good looking ones not some ryan gosling)

  85. donna says:

    I see a lot of hating in the comments, lol. I personally think he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen and the camera loves him. looked up that baptiste guy….no comparison to Mr. O’Pry. ;>_>

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