Anouck Playboy

Posted by wayne | May 27th, 2008

IMG’s Anouck keeps the surprises coming with her new cover of French Playboy with the bonus of a fabulous new haircut. The girl certainly lives the myth!

Anouck Playboy France June 08

Anouck Playboy France June 08 Double

Anouck Playboy France June 08 Single

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14 Comments to “Anouck Playboy”

  1. Elvia says:

    The French Playboy looks so classy and lovely… ALMOST as lovely as Vogue Paris.

  2. MDC_286378 says:

    Hot shoes! This editorial style is nice to see from Playboy.

  3. dudu lima says:

    i’m amazed!

  4. alfh says:

    yes! amazed! can we get this in the states? i wish we had more editorial genius like this here in the u.s.

  5. Tara says:

    My oh my.. lovely. the French are so much classier than we (Americans)..

  6. Kevin says:

    French Playboy, has done…what we (USA) cannot do!

    First Class!

  7. victorman says:

    than “we”… yes, indeed

  8. wow! this is a sexy and beautifull playboy! this ones here in Brasil are so bad… not the productions.. and the photografers are amazing.. but the models?!?!!?! they are fat.. and tsc tsc tsc.. very bad..this french playboy is très chic!

  9. Deanne says:

    love her hair cut,, very nice spread

  10. KAREN says:


  11. Again a confirmation that Belgian girls are very beautifull :-)

    Last but not least a special message for Anouck in dutch:
    Mooi gespierde body Anouck, ik wil je er altijd ene trakteren als je nog eens in Belgie bent :-))

  12. David Millls says:

    Wow.. not something you expect in this type of magazine. The cover and the inside shots look like something you would find in a high class fashion magazine.

  13. ray says:

    trully amazing view. they are so beautiful

  14. her beautiful face, figure, but breasts are small, as for this journal

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