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MDC’s Trang Chuong interviews makeup artist James Vincent – [continued from page 1]

What are the current trends in makeup? What trends are on the horizon?

The current trend in makeup is individuality. The focus is on colour: flushed cheeks and stained lips, dramatic eyes with defined lashes with a nude brow bone and a full natural brow.

Do you think runway looks can often be interpreted and adapted into a modern woman’s day-to-day makeup look/routine? If so, what look is great now?

Always. I think runway, fashion and makeup is there to inspire women. It should give them a reference to develop their look from, provide inspiration and also give them a feel for what they want to achieve and not simply be a blueprint to copy step by step.

Some of my favorite looks for the season that work from runway to real life are the sheer bright pinks and corals we saw on so many runways. Sheer oranges are easy to wear regardless of your skin tone and they flush a face really quickly. Bronzer applied only where the sun hits the face is a great way to achieve warmth and contour. The luscious lashes we saw this season work for every day too. I was equally inspired by the work Linda Cantello did with skin. Foundation should be worn sheer and fresh on the skin.

Can you give tips on how to create the perfect day-to-night look for the busy woman on the go?

A little liner, black smudged on the waterline, an extra application of mascara and a little more colour on the apple of the cheek will bring makeup from day to night relatively easily.

What tools does she need to create this look(s)?

A black eye pencil, a nude lip pencil, some clear gloss, a cream blush and mascara turn any day time look into night time glamour quickly and easily. For more drama add a shimmer shadow on to the lid, a warm metallic like bronze or copper works wonders for whitening the eye and giving sultry, sexy glamour.

Any good insider makeup tip that you can divulge?

Drink a lot of water, cleanse, tone, moisturize your skin, and steam regularly…Good skin is the secret to good makeup. Also, develop looks based on your lifestyle, personality, and comfort level. Personal style is different then trend. Develop a signature look that suits your needs and knowledge level.

What will you be doing at The Makeup Show? Teaching any workshops?

I will be working at the makeup show with TPG helping the presenters who don’t usually present to students to ensure that their information is received and their workshops run smoothly. Because of my background in training and development I love to see people learning and I love working with The Powder Group to provide educational resource for artists.

I will also be presenting a workshop on out of makeup kit special fx which is a passion of mine. I will show students how you can utilize the most basic products to create scars, cuts, bruises, burns and black eyes. Very fun.

What will you be discussing/doing at the “Working In Fashion” seminar on Tuesday?

I will focus on educating artists in all levels of the industry on information including who’s who in the industry, getting started in fashion, the attention to detail of fashion work and designing and applying current fashion looks.

Who are some of the famous clients that you’ve worked with? Do you work with anyone regularly?

I have worked on a lot of celebrities. Some of the highlights are: Jane Fonda, Coretta Scott King, Liv Tyler, James King, Renée Zellweger, Deborah Harry, Chrissy Hynde, Gina Gershon and Diane von Furstenberg.

I work regularly with Gina Gershon, Bijou Phillips, Sandra Bernhard, Joy Bryant, Ana Gasteyer, Egypt, Lisa Stansfield, Sinead O’ Connor, Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters and the current and former contestants of America’s Next Top Model.

What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in breaking into the industry as a working makeup artist?

Work hard, Be nice, research, be creative, be confident, always do your best…Never stop learning or educating yourself!