Individuality is Key for These East Asian Muses

On Huan: Sweater – Black Denim, Panties – Wolford, Shoes – Doc Martens | On Zuoye: Sweater – IRO, Panties – Eres, Socks – Falke, Shoes – Doc Martens| On Gao: Sweater – M. Martin, Trousers – A.P.C. | On Manami: Top – Michael Kors, Trousers – COS | On Kiko: Sweater – M. Martin, Trousers and shoes- COS

In the past decade, the rising inclusion of East Asian models from countries like China, Japan, and South Korea have reflected the uptick in those respective markets and the demand of diversity in advertising. While there is still much to be done in terms of inclusion, the rise of individuality in casting has been a noteworthy highlight thanks to social media. Long hair, short hair, freckles, tattoos, piercings – there is no set rubric on beauty rules and who gets the spotlight. Captured exclusively for by photographer Hao Zeng, we chose just a few of these ethereal new face beauties to display moody fall workwear with grace and a bit of edge.

Photographer – Hao Zeng for
Stylist – Connie Berg
Hair Stylist – Cyndia Harvey
Makeup – Frankie Boyd
Manicurist – Nori
Set Design – Jared Lawton
Models – Kiko Arai, Huan Zhou, Gao Jie, Manami Kinoshita, and Zuoye
Editor – Irene Ojo-Felix

Coat – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Top and Skirt – Sportmax, Shoes – COS

On Gao: Blazer – DKNY, Trousers – Tibi, Shoes – Laurence Dacade | On Manami: Blazer – DKNY, Trousers – A.P.C., Shoes – Laurence Dacade | On Huan: Blazer and Trousers – COS, Shoes – Tibi | On Zuoye: Blazer and Trouser – FRAME, Shoes – Doc Martens

On Gao: Blazer – COS | On Huan: Jacket – DKNY, Bra – Araks

Blazer and trousers – FRAME

Blazer – DKNY | Panties – Wolford

On Zuoye: Blazer – FRAME | On Manami: Coat – Max Maraa | On Gao: Blazer – COS
Blazer – FRAME

On Manami: Shirt and trousers – A.P.C., Shoes – Laurence Dacade | On Gao: Shirt – M. Martin, Waist Belt – Tibi, Trousers – FRAME , Shoes – Everlane | On Huan: Shirt – Black Denim, Jacket and Skirt – Sportmax, Shoes – Doc Martens | On Kiko: T-Shirt – Acne Studios, Trousers and shoes – COS | On Zuoye: Shirt – Black Denim, Trousers – A.P.C., Shoes – Tibi

Stylist Assistant – Leah Herrup
Hair Assistants – Remy Moore & Beth Shanefelter
Set Assistant – Sean Kryston

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