Olabisi @ Few Models

Nora Uche @ Beth Models

Samiko Odunukwe

Egunsola Temitayo

Ruth Akele

Mah Kumba Sissoko

Clinton Samuel @ T Models

Henry Orakwue

Uju Marshall in Style Temple

Ibukun Sammy @ Isis Models in Grey

Ifeoma Nwobu

Mah Kumba Sissoko in Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Daniel Ajayi @ LED Models in Grey Projects

Rebecca Fabunmi @ Few Models

Ibukun Sammy @ Isis Models in Style Temple

Aduke @ Beth

Daniel Ajayi @ LED Models in Post Imperial

Ruth Akele

Ibukun Sammy @ Isis Models in Re'

Peter Finn @ Isis Models in Orange Culture

Uju Marshall

Chika Emmanuella @ Beth Models in Tsemaye Binitie

Model in Christie Brown Collection

Model in Tiffany Amber

Emanuella Osagie in Tsemaye Binitie

Anya @ Isis Models in Bridget Awosika

Kosiso Madukwe @ Zahara Models in Maki Oh

With its captivating energy and growing presence, Lagos Fashion and Design Week continues to present the best and the brightest that the continent has to offer with designers this year coming from all corners of the globe to present their latest collections for Spring 2018. Seen as a surging model hotbed (both Mayowa Nicholas, Davidson Obennebo, Imade Ogbewi and Elizabeth Ayodele are part of the new wave) it would be negligent to miss what the city has to offer for inspiring new faces. With the help of photographer Kadara Enyeasi, Models.com took an introspective look backstage as models prepared for the big event.


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