Backstage Beauty: Helmut Lang Seen by Shayne Oliver

It was a dawn of a new era, with Shayne Oliver‘s resurrection of Helmut Lang for the Spring 2018 season. As the label’s designer in residence, Oliver went one part minimally classic, one part fetish when it came to beauty with makeup artist Inge Grognard creating a sharply lined, two-toned crimson lip and Holli Smith carving hair into extremely smooth ringlets with slicked down baby hairs and buns (a more refined version of Oliver’s last HBA foray where models hair looked covered in…ahem…a certain bodily fluid). Naomi Yasuda put the icing on the cake with barbie pink and ivory white over-the-top logo nails.

The original Helmut Lang muses Danielle Zinaich, Kirsten Owen, and Missy Rayder joined forces with the new guard with original beauties Slick Woods, Selena Forrest, Marjan Jonkman, Sarah Brannon, and more for a highly charged collection of kinky luxury.

Designer – Shayne Oliver for Helmut Lang | Hair – Holli Smith | Makeup – Inge Grognard | Nails – Naomi Yasuda | Casting – Samuel Ellis Scheinman and Walter Pearce | Photos by Betty Sze for

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