Cut It Out

Sometimes beauty comes in the most unexpected forms. Such is the latest original beauty story from Riccardo Dubitante for featuring Prada exclusive and blonde Brazilian stunner, Mia Brammer. Serena Congiu does double duty on hair and makeup taking inspiration from artist Ines Longevial’s illustrations with glossy cut outs and colorful geometric shapes on lids. All wild mane and brows, Mia’s delicate disposition is able to shine through strong looks thanks to vivid sartorial balance courtesy of Ramona Tabita. The result uncannily provides trompe-l’œil visuals that will have you second guessing where beauty ends and clever artistry begins.

See more of the original editorial below.

Photographer – Riccardo Dubitante
Stylist – Ramona Tabita
Hair & Makeup – Serena Congiu
Model – Mia Brammer

Dress – Moschino | Earrings – Gogo Philip

T-Shirt – Anna Kiki | Earring – Gogo Philip

Coat – Anna Kiki

Dress & turtleneck – Stylist’s Own

T-Shirt – Anna Kiki | Earring – Gogo Philip

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