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Eva/1 Mgmt. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris May 2003

As the cameras click the final frames on the few remaining FW 03 campaigns…Former MOTW Caroline Trentini/Marilyn grabs one of the Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign berths as Elite’s Susan Eldrige repeats as one the Marc Jacobs campaign faces…MDC Top 50 male model face Andres/Q adds the Chanel Allure campaign (ph. Demarchelier) to his FW03 Louis Vuitton score…And as flashed in code back on May 9th, power-stylist and Pop editor Katie Grand is indeed hopping over the pond to take on a gig at Harper’s Bazaar, as well as being millimeters away from adding the Calvin Klein ads to her styling roster. CLM is not mad (and that is another bit of code)…Ever had the annoying experience of receiving stunning Polaroids of a newcomer only to find out her proportions less than “ideal”? The amusing feature on the new 1 Management website that allows you to rotate the models for a 360 degree view should offer some welcome perspective. That is if obsessed model groupies don’t turn the feature in a online game of “spin the model”.

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