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Who is she and where has she been hiding? Originally Częstochowa, Poland and now, thankfully, in plain sight. Where can Julia Banas, the fiery face-of-the-moment, be seen? Her latest, the Fendi S/S 17 show, a Miu Miu F/W 16 runway exclusive, ads for Chaos, Zara and Marc Jacobs and hard to miss editorial appearances in Garage, Love, W and Vogue Paris. That’s the need-to-know, here’s the want-to-know:

A beauty and a bookworm.
Tender is the Night. I think it’s one of my favorite books ever. I’m reading it every single summer.

She loves both Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski. But reads Tolkien, too! Did we mention she is studying Polish philology?
My grandma is a Polish teacher so I was always into reading and writing and everything about it.

Julia’s favorite Stranger Things character is Eleven–join the club! She thinks Dexter is good, too. And yes, Westworld is on her list.
I watch it on my laptop. I didn’t even have a TV back home, my mom wasn’t fond of the TV. I didn’t have one until I was 12.

Biggest fears?
I was always afraid of horses, I was always afraid of jumping in the deep water.

That was until she had to shoot a Zara campaign.
I was fighting my biggest nightmares. I was always afraid of everything I exactly did in this campaign. Could I swim? I always could, I was just always afraid of it.

Not so afraid as to walk across the Trevi Fountain in Roma for Fendi?
I was, it was not that deep to make me afraid of it, but it was a super special moment, you know walking over the water.

Her eyes are green. Her hair is red–but not really.
That was from Marc Jacobs. They picked the color, they changed it, me and few other girls like Kiki also did it.

Are you going to change it back?
I’ll keep red. I feel good in red. Do you remember Mia in The 5th Element?

Speaking of, her movie star crush?
I love Audrey Hepburn. Always. Since I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I saw it and fell in love. I always wanted to move to New York (now she has). And I love Marlon Brando.

Have you seen Apocalypse Now?
Yeah, he was almost drunk the entire time they were shooting or something. Truman Capote, who wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, also wrote a book about interviews with Marlon Brando and a lot of other people, it was exactly in the middle of when they were shooting it [Apocalypse Now] and there was a real long interview with Marlon. It was a nice book, “The Dogs Bark”, it’s a weird name.

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