Lux Hoodie

A comfortable hoodie is a wardrobe staple must-have – especially once you’ve achieved that broken in softness. A good hoodie is one that can be worn kickin’ it around the house in your sweats or jeans without a care and still give you some cool cred ….But a great hoodie is one that does all that and transports you into the realm of the hip style mavens.

Husband and wife team, Mike Gonzalez and Christine Park-Gonzalez of Mike & Chris, realized this when they embarked on creating their introductory line of too-cool-for-school trench hoodies. A choice of either super soft cozy fleece or badass lambskin (so buttery) leather, each hoodie comes accented with oversized buttons, shirring and/or zippers; the leather version is also lined in classic men’s shirting. Aside from choosing between the fabric and a host of colors, you have a choice of two styles: the “Edison” or the “Oliver” (belted trench style). I can tell you that this hoodie has definitely made it into my shopping cart.

Availabe at Poppy, 281 Mott Street, between Houston & Prince streets, (212) 219-8934
or go to:

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