Eyes Tell the Story for Vogue Italia

Eyes gleam and glitter for the latest editorial of Vogue Italia courtesy of Robbie Spencer who introduces photographer Ben Toms to the Vogue Italia masses. This issue celebrates the new image makers matched with their fresh model muses and the beauty supplement stars the rising faces of Isabella Emmack, Varya Shutova, & Kadri Vahersalu. Makeup guru Peter Philips wonderfully pairs bold, graphic eye looks with ethereal simplicity, polished with hair courtesy of Neil Moodie. The effect is visuals that uncannily blur the lines between retro and modern.

Check out the images below and to see more of the issue check out Vogue Italia.

Photographer – Ben Toms, Stylist – Robbie Spencer, Hair – Neil Moodie (London: D + V Management , New York: D + V Management), Make-up – Peter Philips (Art + Commerce), Nails – Typhaine Kersual (Jed Root), Set Design – Andrea Cellerino (London: Streeters London, New York: Streeters New York)







  1. Robbie Spencer has done some more great work here, furthering eye make up yet another cool, fresh, new way with some reminiscences of Siouxsie Sioux, the punk scene, and Cleopatra.

  2. I have been trying to be a face or designer model at the age 15 .And. My mom was a good helper she was model her self .but at that time she did not have the funds to help me so know im older and ready to become a model for a cover magazine. And once everone see my picture’s then maybe i have a better chance to become a model

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