3.1 Phillip Lim F/W15 Beauty


Taylor Hill stunning in NARS’ VIP red

Who says punk can’t be glamorous? For 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s 10th anniversary show makeup artist Francelle Daly complimented the edgy clothes with an oxblood lip that registered as as dangerous yet elegant. With the eyes and skin kept mostly bare – only a touch of tinted moisturizer was used beneath setting powder – lips were the sole focal point. Want to try the color for yourself? You’ll have to wait until fall as the appropriately named, VIP Red doesn’t hit stores until September.

Done yet undone hair is de rigueur, but Paul Hanlon provided a fresh twist on the look. The tousled tresses were created by flat-ironing small braids in model’s hair then brushing them out. The time consuming process resulted in a look that seemed effortless on the runway.


Flat-ironing braids for added texture.


Zlata Semenko all smiles as her hair is transformed.


Magdalena Jasek getting a touch of VIP red


Taylor Hill


Ros Georgiou


NARS’ makeup arsenal


Tiana Tolstoi< lim2

Joline Braun all smiles in the final look

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