Catching Up With Tiffany

Tifffany/ANTM Photo courtesy of America’s Next Top Model/UPN

With the fifth season of UPN’s America’s Next Top Model about to kick-start on September 21, the modeling industrys favorite Wednesday night guilty pleasure promises more tear-inducing make-overs, more hilarious photo-shoot-as-competitions, and more drop-dead drama as Tyra slowly peels out that one remaining photograph of the winner. And speaking of drama, in what has become a reality-show classic, there was that episode when Tyra ruefully announces to ANTM contestant Tiffany that she was being sent home. When Tiffany shrugged, Tyra upped the stakes with an extremely demonstrative performance of displeasure. ANTM groupies had been asking us what ever became of the model in question so OTM rang up La Tiffany for a quick chat. This is what she had to say (in that adorable Southern drawl of hers).

Tiffany, the last time we saw you on ANTM you were standing shell-shocked as Tyra hit you full volume for being blasé about your dismissal.
You know, at the time when I got the news that I was going home I didn’t even know what to do when Tyra got mad at me. I was like “Wow! She is really tripping” But later when I got home I realized that it was because she cared so much about me and wanted so much for me that made her do what she did. And now I love Tyra for it. I love that she is still there for me and has become my mentor especially when she didn’t have to do that. She could have just said. Alright. Done. But she still stuck by me and I will always be grateful for her support and belief in me.
And how’s work been since the show?
It’s going great. I’ve done a few shoots in Miami. I just did a part in the Miami Vice movie and now Im looking at the agencies to launch my career. I’m ready now to go fully into the business with a new attitude and new maturity. The funny thing is how many people know me. Everywhere I go, they come up to me and say, ‘Hey. You’re Tiffany from America’s Next Top Model” It’s amazing. It’s like they really identified with me and were really pulling for me. When I was in the house, you know it felt like it was just me and my struggle with this whole new world of modeling. In a million years I never thought that so many people would be looking out for me and showing me so much love. Knowing that people care about me has changed me a lot. I feel very blessed right now.
Are you looking to be a money girl or are you going for the high end editorial market?
I want to mix both, like Tyra does. I think the way she handles her career is the perfect way for a model to run her career. She’s definetly become my idol.
What would you say is the most important thing that you’ve learnt about the industry Tiffany?
That it’s hard work. Seriously. It’s not just parties and looking at your pretty pictures in your book and showing up to walk the runway. It’s hard, hard work and you have to take it very seriously. You have to have a lot of discipline and you cannot take it lightly. This is a very exciting industry and you can achieve so much if you do the right way.


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