Toni’s Transformation


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The start of a new year is always about change and some of our favorite catwalkers are reinventing themselves in exciting new ways. Since the start of her career Toni Garrn has epitomized classic beauty, but with her fresh haircut she showcases another side of her allure – edgy, fashion forward and completely modern. We caught up with the girl on the go to talk style evolutions, her red hot career and her plans for giving back.

The cut looks great – what made you want to switch things up?
TONI: Thank you, it’s still very new to me. I’ve washed it like twice and had one shoot since. It’s a little weird since I was always a long haired girl and this is like my first haircut ever but I like it. I like it most of all because it feels normal again. It was like a nest; so dirty and broken because of work. I had to cut it and then French Vogue was like great, we’ll do a story with you! I said, awesome, let’s do it… but the change still takes getting used to. It feels weird because I’m so used to having a built in scarf basically my whole life, but I love it.

Which hair stylist created the look?

TONI: Damien Boissinot, he’s a sweetheart. Gilles Bensimon shot the story and Damien cut the hair short. Damien got a manicure for the picture when we shot it.

You had a great year in 2013, but what made it special for you?

TONI: That I can keep it going and the job is just as exciting as it was 5 years ago is crazy to me. I work just as much but I have a little more time for fun things. I get to go to different events and I can be a little pickier, balance work with personal events too. Of course Victoria’s Secret was fun. I’m super strict for a whole month before that. I haven’t even shot with them or told them about this (hair) yet but I hope they like it.



What can we look forward to in the upcoming year?

TONI: I guess more of me with short hair! I’ve been thinking about what kind of charity work I can get involved with. In Germany people approach me more and more because I help with different projects where I can. I’ve been thinking about getting my girls together here in New York to do a little something special. I’ve been talking to Karlie about this since we were started at 15. As a model you get so many things that are amazing and beautiful but you just don’t wear it because it’s too crazy or wild. Remember how Tao did that charity for the tsunami that hit Japan? She got all the girls together to donate clothes – I though that was such a great idea and I’d really like to organize something similar to that. It’s just one project and it might take up a lot of time in order to do it right, but I’ve talked to Anais, Karlie, Constance about getting together and doing something big. My closet is exploding!

How would you describe your style? 

T: It is very casual. I just got back two days ago from a ten city trip, so when I’m working and I’m on planes I just think, okay how am I going to be the most comfortable?  When I go out I dress “properly” but still very comfortably and simply. I guess that is very New York. For me my style is always more about accessories; shoes, bags, jewelry and then pair those with a simple basic like jeans.

That is very New York, keep it simple and then you have one key piece. And your new hair works with everything.

T: It does, I feel like I need more earrings now because this is so short!


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