Top Newcomers S/S 14: Amanda Wellsh

Amanda W (204)

All you need is one – a single career defining moment that propels a girl to the top of the heap and garners the attention of all the right people. With her opening and closing strut for Gucci, Amanda Wellsh became the iconic brand’s latest favorite face and proved that the measure of a seasonal showlist is all about quality over quantity.

  1. Amanda is incredible and one of my favorite girls these season . Well deserved! she looked absolutely stunning opening Gucci

  2. I loved Amanda Brandao at the time she was on Bruno Bananni perfume campaign! It is so nice the high fashion is now giving the chance for more mature and commercial girls to walk also in the very important runways!
    IMG also did an amazing work to put Amanda where she is now!

  3. This girl is absolutely stunning ! wow – !!!! finally a model that looks like one

  4. This girl is really beautiful ! I can totally see her on the cover of Italian Vogue – I have followed her for a long time and I am glad she finally has the chance she always deserved.

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