Mo&Co. x Street Peeper

Fashionistas with an eye for style are already familiar with the images produced by Phil Oh aka Mr. Street Peeper who chronicles global style with an eye for detail and a sense of humor. For MO&Co.‘s latest fashion fest, the charming Mr. Oh turns his lens towards four of the biggest Chinese models of the moment, capturing Ming Xi, Xiao Wen Ju, Tian Yi and Wang Xiao in the newest looks from Mo & Co. and interviewing each of them about personal style, off the runway favorites and where they love to shop. Experience the interviews and the special video for a glimpse of the girls and a peek at the gorgeous tartan prints MO & Co. is offering up this season.


P: What makes you interested in fashion most?

Xiao Wen Ju: It makes you different.

P: How would you describe your style with one sentence?

XWJ: Can I use “xiaowen style? Haha! Actually each person has his or her own unique presentation, so it is rather important to find the one that suits you most!

P: Which of these designs for this season impresses you most? How would you match them together to look young and vital?

XWJ: The plaid design for this season is very attractive and you can see people wear plaid apparels a lot on the streets in Paris and New York. I like houndstooth, be it sweater or coat. The full houndstooth coat is a must-have item for me. By combining classic content and modern design, it can match any pants or short shirts and makes you look really young and modern!

P: The current style of MO&Co. bears more street feeling than before. Do you like this type of style?

XWJ: I like it a lot! In addition to coolness the new style has certain playfulness as well and may demonstrate a vibrant street life. For example, all kinds of baseball jackets are very suitable for wearing on the streets and are must-have items for various modeling.



P: Are you enjoying the life and work of being a super model?

Tian Yi: Very much. It is a life of “suffering while enjoying”, haha…

P: Do you think the MO&Co. style is similar to that of yours?

Tian Yi: To me MO&Co. is of Chic style and a bit delightful as well, which is quite similar to my style to some extent, such as the striped sweater or the leather clothing with the best design.

P: How would dress up yourself usually when you go shopping?

Tian Yi: I like casual clothing with interesting matches and some of my own creativity. For this season vintage style is quite popular, I would choose a bright oversized coat matched by vintage leather pants, which gives a modern feeling and makes you look remarkably sharp on the street.

P: Coats with loose fittings are popular all over the world. Why would you choose this bright orange long coat?

Tian Yi: I like coats with bright colors as they have good shape and are very easy to be paired with. What I like most about it is that both its color and shape make you look very classy.

P: This season has a lot of wonderful geometric designs. Would you like to tell us which ones you like best?

Tian Yi: I like Celine bag with geometric designs as its color is bright and extraordinarily eye-catching. MO&Co. has some sweaters with geometric plaid patterns that are simple and comfortable as they have incorporated some classic elements and modern style at the same time. When matched with leather pants or mini skirts they would present a very unique style. I like them very much. They are chic and easy to be paired with.

P: Can you tell us who gives you the muse for your style?

Tian Yi: I would say it is Phoebe Philo definitely.

P:What do you enjoy doing most in NYC?

Tian Yi: I like to sit at my own home and write something. After completing my articles I would ponder for a long time as they are my own unique experience. I like to go to book store too. There is a very good book store at uptown.




P: Do you like to change styles a lot?

Ming Xi:I change my style each season. Recently I like hoodies with loose fitting and dresses.

P: Different from the cool Boy-girl Chic, you seem to enjoy items with black and white concepts and loose fittings more recently, which is very similar to MO&Co. style. Transforming from Boy-girl Chic to feminine dress-ups, what is it that changed your dressing style?

Ming Xi: Maybe I grow up more, haha. In addition to being cool, I still hope that people can see my feminine side at the same time. Apparels are a way to express yourself. I always think that each person has lots of different aspects, which is unable to be expressed with one style only. for example items with strong contrast may be mixed together. A classy coat with loose fitting matching with a pencil skirt can be very modern, while the short boots look rather punk.

P: From T stage to street, what are the similarities and differences between the fashion styles of the two?

Ming Xi: Street look is a kind of comfortable Runway look. To me, street is another runway, but more practical and comfortable. If you match them well, you could look stunning, too.

P: What are the three MO&Co. items that you like most for this season?

Ming Xi: Black and white stripped skirt, coat with loose fitting, and the dark but sparkling short black



P: If we use three adjectives to describe your personal style, what would they be?
Wang Xiao: Mix & match, funky, and quirky. I like styles joined by different colors, because I particularly love vintage style!

P: From time to time we could see vintage and stylish fashion style on T stages. This autumn is dominated by coats with clear lines and perpendicular shoulder line. What are you tips for new matches?

Wang Xiao: The coat with lines I am wearing, for example, may also look energetic and vital with good matches. A vintage sweater, and wavy short skirt, a screen wool hat will surely make you look modern and cute. What matters is the coordination of colors.

P: With regard to this film, what impressed you most? What do you think of Phil Oh?

Wang Xiao: Today is the first time that I have worked with Phil Oh for work’s sake. The entire filming was interesting and relaxed. He is cute and humorous, and a bit shy occasionally. I watch Streetpeeper a lot, which often gives some enlightenment about matches.

P: What do you think of the autumn and winter looks of MO&Co.? What items do you like better?

Wang Xiao: I think the moco style for this season presents both cool feeling and feminine charm. It has strong urban rhythm; the bright wool coat adds more warmth to the winter. The items I like are ankle boots with horse hair and wool coats.

P:What are the differences between Beijing and New York City? Which one do you like better and why?

Wang Xiao: Let me tell you a simple example. In New York City I hear “How are you? Excuse me. Sorry etc.” every day. The harmony of a city is what I desire most. New York City is the intersection of the world and a city of immigrants, therefore it is strongly inclusive and I feel relaxed and free here! While I am walking I often hear people say: “I love your outfit! I love…” I can hear praises and see smiles everywhere.

P: Which street you like to shop most in New York?
Wang Xiao:Williamsburg, East Village, and Lower East Side are the ones that I like to shop most.


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