1. What a doll face! She reminds me of the girls from almost half a decade ago when the Eastern Bloc was opening up as a trend.

  2. finally. the one girl i expected to see as a top 10 newcomer. so beautiful!

  3. Still a model I don’t love like others, but I have to say age has been a very positive factor for Sasha, now expressing her captivating and sophisticated charm like never before. Then what?, in front of such a wonderful skin and those eyes all you can say is… “wow” I guess…

  4. Sasha is so exuberant full of life, motivation and desire to be the best she can be. Her interviews convey she’s been wanting this more than anything, and is very appreciative of good things that are happening… Stay focused, Sasha. You will have a long career as long as you don’t digress. Wishing you the very best!!!!

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