Top 10 Newcomers S/S 13: Nastya

Portrait courtesy of Women Model Management

With a face that harkens back to the days of the doll model moment and a runway presence that just won’t quit, Nastya Kusakina has impressed throughout fashion month, appearing on all the key runways. Givenchy, Armani, Lanvin, Dior – the list goes on and on; when you combine that killer show season with that unforgettable look, editorial greatness is inevitable.

  1. Doesn’t surprise me that Nastya made it on the list. She’s done so well this season!

  2. A season simply sumptuous, not so much to say. Btw she already showed very interesting things last season too, especially @ Jil Sander (but not only), one of the most unforgettable moments of the season, and generally of the recent years I guess…
    A touch of elegant grace, the disarmingly delicate apathy she expresses, a body structure simply amazing, flawless walk, the crystal clear beauty, what else to say? Really happy for her successful season, definitely deserved.

  3. She’s very cute, but indistinguishable from other twenty Russian girls. more of the same.

  4. She has a presence that exudes STAR! She has a uniquely mesmerizing quality. She is simply beautiful, her eyes are entrancing. In the words of Socrates beauty is truth.

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