1. LOVE the show package design!
    IRINA and MARLIJN are STUNNING – stars for sure!!!!

    So many rising stars I can already tell.

  3. Now that I am looking at this again also love MARLIJN & DARIA!!!

  4. Marlijn looks like elle macpherson!! Superbody and a million dollar face. My goodness,….the return of the supermodel.

  5. This package is one of the most ” INCREDIBLE ” packages. Its about quality ” VS ” quantity. These ” MODELS ” are bringing us back to that Supermodel era. Modeling isn’t just skinny jeans and tanks, its about personality, beauty and being able to market a brand. Great job to the Women Direct team its flawless.

  6. Are you seeing the faces of Sarah, Marlin, Seriatim, Irena, Farah ? I’m very impressed by the consistency of this tight package. Does anyone realize that quality is key, we as an industry need to think back to longevity and truly building sustainable careers. Everyone isn’t made to be a model, because she is skinny with interesting features lets bring back the beauty and glamour of models. Very impressed with the likes of this package. I would love to see models dressed like models, I’m over seeing every model in skinny jeans and tanks.

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